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Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips

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2007-07-19 11:02:07     
Article by Peter Fisher

If you are looking for a new job, you know that writing an effective cover letter for your job application is important but like many people you find it difficult to get the words just right. If you produce a poorly written cover letter you run the very real chance of ruining any prospect your application had of being successful. What you really need is the knowledge of what a cover letter takes to be a great cover letter and take away some of the stress of job hunting.

These Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips come from a highly experienced Career Coach and Recruitment Consultant. Before spelling out what these are, just remember that in nearly every case your cover letter is the first document that most prospective employers will look at. They will be looking to understand your reasons for applying, as much as whether you 'fit the bill'. So the job of your cover letter is to make sure it introduces you as an interested and capable candidate.

But much more than that actually; your cover letter's primary job is to provoke the reader's interest and it can only do that if the right choice of words has been made.

Once you have their interest it must provide sufficient relevant information so that they want to know more about you. Of course, your cover letter can only create the initial interest it cannot get you the job.

The Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips:

1. You must customize every cover letter so that it is specifically written for this particular job;

2. Use an easy style of language with carefully chosen 'trigger' words and no jargon;

3. Emphasize exactly how you are able to contribute to the company or organization;

4. Illustrate your knowledge, interest and enthusiasm for the advertised job;

5. Explain why you are interested in joining their organization;

6. Illustrate how your skills match the job description;

7. Check your cover letter carefully for any spelling errors or other typos;

8. Use the formal style of address when you send your letter by name to the person advertising;

9. Your cover letter must show that you know what this employer wants;

10. Your strengths are well defined and have the edge over the competition.

If you follow these top 10 cover letter writing tips you will be well on the way to getting the interview and then the job you want.

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