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             08 March, 2021

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Creating a professional presentation is just a click away.

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2009-03-22 07:29:27     
Article by Richard Bryan

After creating a good multipurpose product, its time to officially launch the product in the market. And of course you will be using a nice video presentation in the conference to introduce your product. Once you have done the presentation part and when your product lures the conference, all credit goes to video presentation you created. Yes! A good presentation is always equals 50% of the work done.

To create a clear video presentation you have lot of tools to help. But are they really gonna help when you need to present a video in next hour or so? For that, you need fast, reliable, and just easygoing screen recording software that will capture all your efforts. And that's exactly what our new SCREEN2SWF software can give. Stepok Image Lab proudly presents you next generation screen capturing software, the fastest one among all present desktop recording software.

Our Lab is actually a studio where we professionals research and develops image processing, recording, and all multimedia software. We have several multimedia software, and SCREEN2SWF is one of them. This high-speed second-generation software uses Stepok Screen Codec V2, the fastest screen codec developed by the lab, specially designed only for recording and compression purposes.

So first up on, what we mean to high compression?
Compression is a term used for compressed data in small packs so that it frees up the hard disk memory for additional data. Usually in regular video recording software a 1 minute video would end up in using around 270 MB space, which is of course not viable for a long video. But software having a good compression ratio can save the large part of memory, almost 40 to 60 % of the original. It also speeds up the uploading time, in a case where you need to send across the clients or customer.

SCREEN2SWF is software having compression rate 600:1. That means you will create a video of 1 minute by just using 500 Kb's of memory. Consider this, keeping a screen resolution to 1024 X 768, the calculation for 1 minute video using regular recorder can be

1024 x 768 x 3 (RGB) x 60 (s) x 2 (frames/sec) = 283115520B = 276480KB = 270MB, a huge loss of memory.

Now, in SCREEN2SWF you can fix this up in merely using 5 MB of your disk space. Amazing isn't it? In a standard mode, for an office style screen SCREEN2SWF can compress 1 minute video to 100 - 600 k, and for webpage loaded with multimedia presentations, SCREEN2SWF uses disk space of 2 - 6 MB with a compression ratio of 70:1.

So what are other benefits of using SCREN2SWF?
There can be a long list of benefits of using SCREN2SWF. Here some of them listed,

A.You can export recordings directly to AVI, EXE, or SWF, along with an HTML code to incorporate in a website.
B.You can readily put annotation and comments in your video for easy understanding
C.Narrate the video at the same you are recording it.
D.Create presentations with great speed and simplicity in operations.

What else you need to launch your product successfully in the market, once you have an excellent tool that will demonstrate how your product is going to change the world.

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