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             20 March, 2023

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Acronis True Image 2020 - 12 Critical Online Backup Features

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2020-07-25 12:22:08     
Article by Maria Kurganova

Cloud backup software comes in all shapes and sizes. Some providers simply offer online backup while other providers both online and local but you must purchase separate products. Not only does hybrid backup guarantee protection of your data, it also simplifies data recovery. For example, if you only need to recover one file that you accidentally deleted, it may be faster to recover that file from the cloud rather than waiting until you can physically access a backup drive located elsewhere. However, if you need to recover a lot of data it may be better to recover that from your local backup. Having the flexibility for both kinds of backup keeps things convenient and safe.

Acronis True Image 2020 provides the best of both worlds - a hybrid of local and online backup that absolutely ensures your data is not only fully protected, but always accessible. It is the most advanced data protection software that you can purchase and it also includes 12 critical online backup features to ensure your backup is fast, easy and complete.

Protect All Family Devices
Most households have more than one computer - a combination of device types (a computer, laptop, iPhone, etc.) and a combination of different brands (a Mac and a PC, an iPhone and an Android). Acronis True Image protects all these device types and brands.

Web Access from Any Device
Never again will you need to return to your home or office to get access to the files you back up to the cloud - always have access from any device.

Full-Image Backup and Recovery
Acronis True Image 2020 is the only backup and recovery software that offers full-image backup. This means that your OS, applications, history, preferences, photos, files, videos, bookmarks, all settings and customizations including license keys and passwords - everything - is backed up. This makes it easy to recover if your computer fails, is stolen or if you are a victim of malware or ransomware. Since everything is backed up, you can quickly and easily recover to bare metal and a fully bootable state.

File and Folder Backup and Recovery
Even though Acronis True Image backs up your entire disk, you can still recover a single file or folder. Can't remember where you stored a file? Acronis lets you search in local and cloud backups to quickly find and recover exactly what you need - no more and no less!

Wireless Mobile Device Backup to Windows
When your mobile device is in the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, the backup starts automatically. Just scan a QR code from Acronis True Image on a computer screen and you are all set.

Remote Backup Management
Configure backups and review status for any computer or mobile device from any location at any time.

Incremental Social Backup
Accidental deletion and social network errors can erase your memories and photos from Facebook forever, which is why Acronis True Image automatically backs up Facebook and Instagram. And it only backs up changes to your feed to reduce backup size and works in the background without any intervention.

Archiving to the Cloud
Acronis True Image 2020 makes your life easier because you can save space by securely archiving older files to the cloud (and to local drives too). Once archived, you can still easily access these files via Windows Explorer, Mac Finder or a web browser.

No Interruption Backup
Acronis True Image performs backup operations in the background while your system is running. It doesn't affect performance so you can continue to work during backups.

Multiple Backup Plans
Schedule as many different backup plans as you need. Schedule full backups on a daily or weekly basis, while backing up certain folders more frequently - or even continuously. Configure backups to multiple destinations for better protection.

Encryptions and Passwords
It is important to encrypt your data on your computer before sending it to the secure cloud. This ensures maximum privacy and keeps your data safe.

Retention and Versioning
Acronis True Image provides the ability to select how many versions of files you want to keep and for how long you want to keep them. Other solutions limit your versions or retention time.

Why You Need Online and Local Backup

Gone are the days of local backup only. To make sure your computers and mobile devices are fully protected, you need the combination of local and online backup - a hybrid backup solution such as Acronis True Image 2020, the fastest, easiest and most complete data protection solution you can buy.

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