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             23 May, 2022

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Hunting dogs - Basic Training Tips

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2008-12-31 02:59:54     
Article by Sam Nichols

Even if you were an avid hunter, there would have been many instances of misfiring and even if you have aimed right you would not have fetched the hunt for obvious reason that you could not track it.

Should you be carrying a hunting dog with you, this would not have been the result because a hunting dog would simplify your job whilst not cutting any frills on the thrills you maybe experiencing while on a hunting expedition per se.

Be it a small game of hunting a lakeside duck or a countryside turkey to a big game of hunting an elk or a buck, a hunting dog can smell blood in a jiffy and would take you to the target. With this snap shot of a hunting dog, you need to know that a great hunting dog is not available in a nearby canine store or even an online store. All you need to know is that you should train your canine to make one great hunting dog. And, no means this training is easy and to get desired results, you need to know some tips and probably you can tame even a hardheaded canine.

Picking the right breed for hunting

Remember that a show-style breed is far different from a hunting dog. The first and foremost quality is a breed that has a good sense of smelling. You can look at those that are tamable as well as those that can endure long outdoor activities; in fact, the breed should love to stay more of outdoors. They must obviously possess decent stamina and built.

Hunting dog example breeds include the bloodhounds, dachshunds, basset hounds, German pointers, Labradors, beagles, mountain curs, feists. Know some characters of the breed and check if their temperament suits yours even to tame.

Bring the canine when it's very young

Yes, for the reason that it will have time to bond with you and follow your communication.

Time and patience

Time needed to train a hunting dog is far greater than training a canine for other jobs, and it calls for good patience on the part of master.

Condition the canine

Train your canine to be resilient when faced with adversities of outdoors. And for this take him out more frequently and allow it to freak around the areas under your vigilance. This will be perfect priming for your canine before the game of hunting begins.

Take him out more often, say at least once a week and see that you are supplying him with adequate nutrition for this extra exercise as well as normal development. Give him good quantities of water so he is not dehydrated.

Train him to chase a target or follow a trail
Use dummy rabbits or fowls to tease the canine and allow him to learn chasing the target and teach him to bring the target to you. Use a whistle as an indication of command and let him get used to your commands. Teach him to focus even when there are disturbances around. You may simulate a noisy surrounding yet command him to chase a target or follow a trail. However, this can be done during advanced training and not at pup stage.

Training as fun

Most important is to make your training as much fun as possible. Reward your canine for any signs of excelling in the training and he should find it interesting and exciting.

And, remember that if you have trained your dog properly, he will never like to eat the hunted animal but will love to return to his master.

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