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Five things all small dog owners should know (Popularity: )
Just because he’s less than 20 pounds doesn’t make your tiny dog any less of a challenge – or loveable companion – than a behemoth Newfoundland. Small dogs, just like big dogs, come with their own array of habits, issues and quirks. It’s not merely that sharp little bark you may have to worry about. While a dog is always a worthy financial and emotional investment, if you’re looking into ...

Are seasonal allergies a problem for your dog? (Popularity: )
As an allergy sufferer, you know just how difficult the spring and summer can be with the sneezing and runny noses that come with the season. What many pet parents don't realize is that their canines can actually be affected by these allergies and it can be a difficult problem to treat from a dog wellness perspective. You obviously want your pooch to enjoy the warm weather and spend time ...

Learning About The Vrious Hartz Flea Control Products (Popularity: )
Flea control is an activity that all pet owners, invariably, have to include in the routine care of their pet to ensure the proper health and sanitization of their favorite animals. However, for effective protection against fleas and ticks, it is vital to use good quality products that do not cause any further harm to your pet’s health and well-being. Over the years, Hartz flea control products have been recognized ...

How to Choose Electric Fences for Dogs (Popularity: )
Are you worried that your pet might run away and get lost, or get knocked over and killed by oncoming traffic? Are you worried that the fence you spent hundreds on making your garden look like a prison may not actually keep your dog safe and secure? Believe it or not, electric fences for dogs actually provide greater protection against all the above as well as make your garden look like a ...

Do Rabbits Eat? Commonly Asked Questions About What Your Rabbit Can and Can't Eat (Popularity: )
If you are part of the amazingly lucky group of people who own rabbits you will know that there is a wealth of information out there on rabbit care and in particular on feeding your rabbit. However, when it comes to feeding, much of it is general e.g.: rabbits can eat fruit. As bunny lovers, we know that sometimes you need to know about a specific item. So we've put together ...

Teacup Chihuahuas (Popularity: )
The origins of teacup chihuahuas are extremely interesting. As many people know, the tea cup chihuahua is named after a part of Northern Mexico called, you guessed it, Chihuahua! Over the course of history, the Mayans, the Toltecs and the Amazons have all shown in their artwork, the existence of a small dog, a canine companion if you will. It was in fact a custom, in much the same way as ...

Dog Training Courses For a Well-Behaved Dog (Popularity: )
A properly trained dog can provide you and your family with hours of unadulterated fun. These canine friends are not just your best friends, they also provide hours of fun and mirth to your kids. However, in order to gain the best from any dog, they need to be trained properly. The sight of puddles of water and bits of poop littered all over the room does not make a pleasant ...

Natural Remedies and Herbs for Your Diabetic Dog (Popularity: )
If you are like the rest of us, you probably do not know a lot about canine diabetes, and neither would you be aware of the herbal remedies available for it. But you see, herbs are very important to help manage canine diabetes and these powerful components have been used for many, many years that even medical science has backed up their claims. Below are 4 of the natural remedies ...

Pet Insurance Policies - The Fine Print You Should Know About (Popularity: )
Before purchasing pet insurance of any kind, there are a few policy definitions that you should be aware of to ensure that the money that you spend on the safety of your pet are taken into consideration. There are many different components that each pet insurance policy may have. Here are a few that are very important. If your pet gets involved in a major accident, there is the possibility that ...

Build a Backyard Chicken Coop - 3 Essential Elements (Popularity: )
Building a backyard chicken coop can be a fun activity and also a learning one. It is one of the best do it yourself activities adopted by a lot of people. Planning and designing the coop is not very difficult but most people make a lot of grave mistakes in the process. To avoid your fun activity from becoming a disaster, you must consider 3 essential elements before starting. A design ...