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Build a Backyard Chicken Coop - 3 Essential Elements

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2009-07-12 06:52:13     
Article by Brad Brown

Building a backyard chicken coop can be a fun activity and also a learning one. It is one of the best do it yourself activities adopted by a lot of people. Planning and designing the coop is not very difficult but most people make a lot of grave mistakes in the process. To avoid your fun activity from becoming a disaster, you must consider 3 essential elements before starting.

A design plan considering quantity - You must decide how many chickens you wish to keep in the coop and design it accordingly. A standard of 4 sq ft per chicken is followed by all coop makers. Always consider the height and the placement of the coop to keep the chicken healthy.

A design plan considering ventilation - Ventilation is an important aspect in building a backyard chicken coop. Proper cross ventilation must be kept in mind before you design the coop. It should be smartly designed so that stale air is removed continuously giving room for fresh air. The material you choose will also directly affect the ventilation quality, so be careful with what you choose.

Design plan considering waste management and food - Adding a perch in your chicken coop design is a must. Chicken need a place to leave their droppings. This place must be strategically designed as the droppings produces ammonia gas. This gas can affect the health of the chicken; therefore, the perch's placing is important. Also along with the perch, a feed spot needs to be designed for the chicken to feed. Both these things should be designed in such a way that they are easy to clean.

There are a lot of tiny aspects apart from the above three which you need to consider in your backyard chicken coop plan. Still, keeping these three design aspects in mind will give you a main foundation to start with.

Building a backyard chicken coop can be an easy and cost-effective task if follow professional chicken coop plans. Chicken coop is an abode of the chickens where they lay their eggs. The built up of the coop requires certain material and size that affects the hygiene, cleanliness, productivity of the chicken.

Click Here to Learn more on how you can build cost-effective chicken coop by following easy step by step plan.

Brad Brown is an experienced chicken coop designer and has designed more than 100 chicken coops with best standards.

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