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             28 February, 2021

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Smoking Lungs - Quit Cigarettes to Save Your Life

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2008-11-30 04:51:27     
Article by Maryanne Nyambura

According to the American Lung Association, smoking is directly related to more than 400,000 deaths a year. These deaths often occur as a result of the damage done to smoking lungs from inhaling the toxic fumes. As a person inhales the carbon monoxide and other toxins from the nicotine, the lungs lose their ability to expand and hold oxygen which decreases the amount of circulation of oxygen in the body. The addition of cancer causing agents being introduced into the lungs just compounds the effects of smoking on health.

The lungs begin a vibrant pink but after smoking just a few short months, that pink coloring fades into a brown color that is characteristic of the dying tissues in the lungs. Have you ever looked at the filter on your cigarette after you have finished smoking. That same coloring is the color of your smoking lungs. But there is hope for people who smoke and want to return their lungs to their previous health.

After quitting cigarettes, within a few short days the taste buds begin to regain their ability to taste foods. The lungs start to whittle through the damage and rebuild themselves to a newer and more vibrant pink color and the chance of dying from smoking diseases decreases dramatically. Even in people who have smoked their entire lives, the lungs can and will rebuild after you quit cigarettes.

The tobacco addiction to nicotine is a tough one to break, but that does not mean it cannot be overcome. Millions of people smoke and millions of people try to stop smoking over and over again to no great end. The key is to try the best methods to stop smoking in order to be successful this time around.

Just because other methods have failed does not mean there is no hope. You can live a healthier, longer life as long as you quit smoking today.

Save your smoking lungs from cancer, learn more about how to Quit Smoking Today and live a longer healthier life.

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