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             25 October, 2021

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The Art of LeaderShaping - People First, Then Build a Strategy For Execution

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2008-10-13 07:35:13     
Article by Damian D. Pitts

With growing organizations in today's troubling downturn economy, opportunity continues to present itself for progressive thinkers to act. I believe that organizations across the United States of America have the resolve to remain on task for being some of the more progressive thinkers in the world. We have come through tough times in the last ten years and more are in front of us. I am proud that the Bison Group Corporation has been able to do its part in leading the passage.

Now, the time has come for us to embark on yet another successful journey together. This is one that will reshape our professional development and personal prosperity within our organizational cultures, communities, and private homes for generations to follow. It comes down to three words; Many, Most, and Some: Many have wanted it; most think they have it; and some will actually get it! This statement is referring to the willingness to accept a state of transformational thinking for change in order for more organizations to spread its wings and unlock its full potential for a successful end-state.

A healthy culture offers the fertilization for communities to grow and the people are the drivers for positive change. We have to awaken our inner spirit to further ajar our untapped potential. To do this, we must implementing additional resources and tools, planning initiatives, organizational strategies, and execution tactics into our transition plans unlike ever done in the past. This is a very bold move and it begins with developing each member on the team.

An awesome strategy plan might be the first step in reshaping an organization, but without focusing on the people responsible for making the decisions to execute, the system will continue to behave using its old characteristics and traits that may lead to an ultimate demise. The reason is due to leadership staffs over relying on the structural changes such as reorganization to execute their strategy.

Though structural change is a critical ingredient for organizational execution, it produces only short-term gains. Here's a possibility when this occurs: Organization xyz reduces its management layers to limit its financial burdens in a downturn market. It only results significant cost savings in the short-term, but the layers will quickly find their way back in.

The discipline of LeaderShaping, our directional approach forward, integrated as an essential tool, is critical for a successful strategic execution plan: The alignment of people behind a strategy. Incentives do not in themselves create alignment, but re-developing the posture, purpose, and alignment of soft-skills across the organization by establishing a culture of trust, commitment, and a fair strategy-formulation process, will result staggering outcomes!

When people understand the process, is given a voice in establishing its growth paths, and perceive a process as fair, they go beyond the call of duty and take initiative in executing the strategy. Leadership everywhere must create a fair strategy-formulation process by: 1) Involving the people in the strategic decisions that affect them, by asking for their input. 2) Explaining why final strategic decisions are made. 3) Clearly stating the expected behaviors, organizationally and personally, to develop the future picture. 4) Explaining clearly, what is expected from each stakeholder and the implications to the entire team should they fail in their responsibilities - this is to ensure that each person is on the bus, in the right seat, and on the move together. LeaderShaping is designed to help each person with answering several questions from two different perspectives.

The People: How do you respond to problems and challenges? How do you influence others to your point of view? How do you respond to the pace of the environment? How do you respond to rules and procedures set by others?

The Organization: Where does the organization want to be in the future? What will the organization apply its resources against to achieve the Future Picture? How will the organization apply those resources? When and under what conditions will the organization exit from their current strategic plan?

Beyond asking the necessary questions from the People and Organizations perspective, it is equally crucial that you ask how these perspectives will coincide and collaborate for the benefit of all parties. How do you build the people within your organization while maintaining standards and achieving the goals of the organization? How do you maximize efficiency without losing the effectiveness of processes and initiatives? When these questions can be answered with cohesiveness and clarity from the leaders, the people and organization, a strategy for execution can appropriately be constructed. This is how we must drive the initiative of LeaderShaping to achieve our goals.

In closing, I am confident that we have the ability to lead in the right direction with this process and wish you great success in your future endeavors while enjoying the fruits of your labor when using it. Without our clients, we cannot continue to move into the future with lessons learned. As significant resource in our development of this dynamic process, you have become an incredible resource and magnetic force for others to follow. Together, we will be linking our leadership to our legacy!

I am gracious in my sincerity and thanks to all of our clients in helping us to further develop the research in "The Process of LeaderShaping." We will remain committed to making it a household name in the marketplace. With your continued support, LeaderShaping will continue to reshape the defined meaning of establishing a great posture, purpose, and vision for the Bison Group organization and for others. Our voices will be heard long after our team has moved on for the next to take the lead - as will yours. Let's continue together and provide them a great start and a sound foundation by continuing on within the legacy of Transformational Leadership and Positive Organizational Behavior. The work has been long, but fruitful.

The time is upon us to plant more seeds to harvest into the future. Are you ready for the challenge? To learn more, visit http://www.thebisongroup.com

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