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             27 November, 2020

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The Urgent Factor

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2008-04-23 05:11:26     
Article by William Muncrief

The sense of urgency is the supreme motivator for anyone wanting to get something done. You can consider urgency a tool, you can use it to promote something for sale, or put the fire to a project to get something finished. Whatever the case, urgency is a secret weapon of all successful people. In the Home Based Business Industry it is like the air you breathe.

It is almost through a sort of hysteria produced by an induced sense of urgency that immediate emotional action takes place. Immediate emotional reaction is the jet fuel driving sales and performance. If a person can believe that there is always tomorrow then procrastination gets an ugly grip on the situation. Never settle for tomorrow do what you can today.

We are emotional beings and everything we do is somehow connected to how we feel about it. If the emotions are strong then great force is applied in the desired direction, where conversely weak emotions will produce little force. If we feel a deep sense of urgency, our emotions are high which causes some forceful action. It is only through this action we make progress.

Now how does this apply to sales? It is quite simple really urgency emotionally charges the buyers judgment. Once you have been able to connect on an emotional level with the buyer you have won the sale. This is a key fundamental in all sales. So whether the connection is one of love or of necessity it had better be emotionally charged.

So you have got the customer to buy from you, what now? Surely you have them on your list, and now is the time to work those emotions for all they are worth. You are trying to sell your products right? Not only do you want the customer to love your products, you need them to accept you as an authority. Should you be able to connect with your customer in this way back end sales should be a breeze.

After the first instance of urgency with your customer you have to do more priming of the pump. Remember if you push to hard right away you may lose them. Selling somebody something immediately after a purchase is many times the biggest turn off the consumer can face so tell the truth from the beginning about your product and what to expect from you. It is very disappointing to buy something, only to be redirected to a secondary landing page where you are immediately up sold. Think about how you would feel in the shoes of the customer. You just bought a car and now the salesman is trying to sell you tires.

Developing the sense of urgency in the customer is not as simple as many would like it to be. You must get inside of their mind before they even see your page. Once you are in their shoes you have to decide what are the key motivators to give them the sense of urgency to influence them to buy your product. To do this you must have a sense of urgency to sell your product, without this emotional connection to your business your results will be minimal.

I leave you with a reason to seek urgency within. If you can find it within yourself you will have a far greater chance of bringing it out of your customer. Look inside at what causes you to become emotionally charged about the purchase of a product like the one you are selling. Your inner giant will give you all the answers you are looking for.

The need for urgency in life is unparalleled it is the single greatest force behind all success.


"In the cocoon of failure await the wings of opportunity."
William Muncrief 2007

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