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             28 September, 2023

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Sales Management 101 for a Staffing Firm

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2008-04-24 08:11:30     
Article by Gene Leshinsky

So you think you are a sales executive? Let's qualify you as a candidate:

1. Do you love to cold call?
2. Do you understand how to develop relationships with your recruiters?
3. Do you understand how to develop relationships inside large companies once you have them as a client?
4. Are you familiar with all the procedural processes and paper work of your clients?
5. Do you regularly attend trade fares?
6. Are you an active networked?
7. Do you reside on LinkedIn and Google?
8. Do you love to research new prospects?
9. What time do you make your first phone call in the morning?
10. What time do you go home at night?

These are all leading questions that could help determine if a sales executive is up to par or is just blowing smoke. There is a split within sales known as the hunter/ farmer split.

The farmer logically grows the account once the seed is sown, waters the crops, and brings in a large new harvest. He also makes sure that wolves do not prey on his sheep by knowing every sheep in the flock.

A hunter is a wolf who goes out and hunts. A wolf does not wait for the sheep to come to him, he goes out and finds it, stalks it, and takes it down. The wolf is never content, nor does it get fat. A hunter is always hunting or he is no longer a hunter.

Are you a hunter or a farmer? Perhaps you are both, or neither. If you are neither, you and those people who depend on you have a serious problem.

Gene Leshinsky
Toll Free: 1-800-791-7794

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