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             25 May, 2020

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How to Store Clothing - 8 Great Tips

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2008-09-04 01:35:06     
Article by Shelly Morton

Can't seem to find that cute outfit you want to wear? Do your clothes have hanger lines? Are you running out of closet space? These tips will help you store your clothes more efficiently, keep them in tip top shape and save on closet space so you can buy more clothes!!

Before Your Begin

* Make sure that you have emptied your closet of all clothing that are torn, stained and no longer wearable. Get rid of shoes that hurt your feet and are worn out. Throw away belts with broken buckles and broken or mismatched jewelry.
* Donate serviceable items that you haven't worn in the last year or are too large or too small. Donating to others will give you a good feeling and free up your closet space for clothing that fits and makes you look and feel good.
* Work on separation anxiety. Most women love to shop for new clothes, but feel guilty getting rid of clothing. Why? Different factors are involved. Sometimes it's because we feel like we're throwing (or giving) away something of value. We've spent our hard earned cash on those clothes. Other times we feel guilty because we know we've gained that extra 10 or 20 pounds and getting rid of an item that doesn't fit is a reminder of that fact. What to do? Realize that letting go of items that no longer serves your current needs may benefit someone else. Let go of the fantasy. Be realistic about whether you are going to lose weight and fit into that outfit. If you're not willing to do the work, donate it!

Here are 8 Great Tips For Storing Clothing:

1. Off Season Clothing If space permits, store in a separate area of your closet or utilize the closet space in your guest bedroom. Be careful of storing in an attic or basement as moisture or excessive heat can destroy clothing. Store off season clothing in zippered bags with cedar chips to keep out insects.
2. Hangers Utilize good quality hangers. Do not use the wire hangers from dry cleaners. Recycle them by returning them to the dry cleaners on your next trip. Cardboard crossbars hangers can get sticky and leave a line on pants. Wire hangers leave marks on the shoulders of your shirts, blouses and jackets. Purchase good quality plastic tubular hangers (with or without pads). To save space, use double-hanging rods for shorter items.
3. Dry Cleaner Plastic Bags These bags are made of inexpensive plastic that may contain acid that can ruin your clothing. It's best not to store items in these bags. The best use . . . put them in the recycle bin.
4. Storing Small or Loose Items Small or loose items are best stored in bins or baskets. If you can afford them, rattan or wicker baskets with a fabric lining look best. If you need to be frugal, most discount stores offer inexpensive plastic bins and tubs for storage.
5. Storing Socks, Lingerie, Bathing Suits, Etc. Purchase a set of drawer dividers. These create small sections that contain items such as socks and lingerie. Roll up pantyhose to prevent runs. Fold items neatly and keep like things together (dark colors with dark colors, etc.).
6. Storing Belts, Ties, Scarves, Purses, Etc. These items can easily be hung on hooks or racks. Many stores offer racks for these speciality items that can be installed quickly and easily. In a pinch, hang belts, ties and purses, etc. from a good quality hanger and put the hanger on a hook or nail inside your closet.
7. Storing Shoes and Boots If space permits, remove shoes and boots from their original cardboard boxes and place on a shoe rack. If you would rather keep them contained, consider purchasing clear plastic shoe boxes. They are the same shape as the cardboard variety, but are more durable and you can easily see what's inside. Boot jacks can keep you boots in good shape.
8. Shelving & Storage Most closets come with one rod that accommodates only long clothing. Depending on the type of clothing you have, it might make sense to restructure your closet and add additional rods that accommodate short clothing (shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, etc.). Consider adding some shelves for folded sweaters and storage boxes.

Following these simple tips will help free up your closet space and keep the clothing you want to keep in tip top condition.

These organizing tips are provided by Shelly Morton, professional organizer, and owner of Straighten-Up-Now.com and Messy Makeover Group Forum.


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