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             03 October, 2023

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Organize Your Space To Create Your Sanctuary

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2007-08-28 17:50:25     
Article by Robin Skeen

There are emotional and physical benefits to be had from getting your space organized. Creating a sanctuary in your home will boost your energy in body, mind and spirit. Getting rid of the jumble can invoke a feeling of freedom. You will definitely feel lighter in every way during this process. If you are fenced in by clutter in your home, car or office, this will affect your inner quiet. Calm and harmony in your space will help you better connect with your spirit and allow you to listen to your higher self without distraction. If disorganization is a sign of how out of control and distracted you feel, then it will continue until you take back your space. It works both ways. How you feel inside can affect your environment (clutter). The clutter affects how you feel inside. So, when you organize your space, you are also adding calm and peace to your inner self. It is important to understand this concept so that you can use this understanding in creating a place of peace for yourself.

Creating your sanctuary will help you set better intentions for your life by having an outer space that will help support those intentions. The next question you need to ask is what do you want more of in your life? Does your space help create those intentions so that you get more of what you want? There are some simple steps to getting started on this organization of your space. One of the first things is to find all of those projects that you never quite got finished. Make sure you are really done and toss out all the stuff that is no longer useful. If you have old needlepoint supplies and you no longer have an interest, give these things to someone who loves needlepoint. If you have a bag of yarn that you know is never going to be that afghan, then find someone who has a passion for crochet and pass it on.

You can create little spaces throughout your home for setting different intentions. If you need to connect with your spiritual side, create a small meditation place in a quiet corner. Make it a comfortable place where you can go and sit quietly every day. There you can read, write, meditate or just enjoy the peace you have created. These actions will help you connect to your higher self.

You could create an "abundance corner" in your space. Spend time in this place practicing positive affirmations and inviting more prosperity into your life. Make this another comfortable space so you will want to spend time there.

Set your intentions, create a space for it (organizing and decluttering) and send the invitation out to welcome these things into your life. There are no rules to this. Whatever works for you. You can speak your intentions or write them down. By creating a sanctuary to honor these intentions, how could you fail?

Robin Skeen


Robin lives in the lovely state of Ohio, USA. She is a freelance writer and her website contains her reflections on inspired personal growth - transforming body, mind and spirit so you can live your best life NOW! To find out more, visit today. Free reports and eBooks are added on a regular basis.

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