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Ideas For Search Marketing Campaigns

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2008-07-12 08:54:16     
Article by Amilu Stewart

There are several steps involved in creating a search marketing campaign along with many basic principles to consider. The first step is to identify your campaign settings.Initially the basic campaign settings will include the name of the campaign, a start and end date and you can even set times that the campaign will or will not be performing.

After you have set your basic settings you will proceed to develop your target audience which will include the language spoken in the countries in which your adds will appear. You may also want to include more than one language and several countries.

After you have developed your target audience, then you will need to state your budget options.These options will include how much you want to spend each day or each month. You may also choose to use your budget in a few days or spread it over one month. The right amount is done through the bidding process with the search engine. Most of the search engines represent this amount on a daily budget, but you may have to look closely as it may in fact represent a monthly budget.

Most of the search engines will ask you to indicate whether you want your ad to run on their search network. The other choice is to run your add on a content network. Let me explain the difference between a search network and a content network. The search network allows your ad to be displayed in the search results on hundreds of different search pages relative to your keywords. In contrast, the content network does not have your ad show up in response to search terms matching your keywords, Instead, your ad is shown on websites whose contents matches the keywords on which you bid. Usually, you will see higher costs per click on content networks compared to search networks.

The next step is writing effective ads which include ad grouping, the product or service that you are promoting, what you need your targets to do. In ad grouping you want to correlate your product with your keywords so that the campaign is grouped by relevance. The product or service that you are promoting should take the user as quickly as possible to the point of the sale. Lastly, you need to tell your targets what to do e.g. buy a membership or subscription.

Keyword choices are an essential part of your campaign. Usually a very narrow choice of keywords will bring you a better targeted audience. Successful ads focusing on individual products will have wider profit margins but a lower volume of click traffic.

When you are bidding on keywords, you are competing with everyone else's position using the same keywords. If you are willing to bid more than your competition, then your ad will have a better chance of being shown more often. With performance based search engines, your ad is measured by the click through rate [CTR]. An ad with a higher CTR will appear in a better position than one with a lower CTR.

Hopefully, these ideas will be of some use to you when you develop your next search engine campaign.


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