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How to Package Online Digital Audio Products

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2010-10-16 08:02:13     
Article by Glen Ford

One of the key steps in producing any product is packaging. In the case of a consumer product like a cell phone that might include the box and the graphics on the box. But it also includes how the cell phone will be positioned in the market. Is it an entry level device for students or bells-'n'-whistles for an executive?

Information products are also packaged.

Courseware of any kind can be positioned as entry level or master level. It can be positioned for the newbie or the experienced internet marketer. It can be positioned as being developed by a guru or by a practitioner.

Written materials for example, will frequently have a cover designed for them. They also have an interior design. And they may be produced as either online or printed materials. All of these are packaging choices.

But what about audio products?

After all audio products truly are virtual no matter what format they are produced in. You can't see them. You can only hear them. They exist only in electronic format.

Can they be packaged?

The answer is yes. Audio products are one media for courseware so they can be positioned just as any other courseware can be. But in this article I'm going to concentrate on the actual packaging of the audio rather than the positioning. Here are five forms of packaging that you need to consider for audio products:

1. The delivery format

Many audio products are released as an online product. However, the cost of producing a CD and mailing it is quite reasonable. In fact, it's sometimes cheaper than the cost of online storage and bandwidth. Part of the packaging decision is to decide what format or formats to deliver the product in -- CD or download.

2. The audio format

There are many formats that audio products can be released in. However, there are only two that should be used. The first is the mp3. This can be used for many physical products or for online delivery. The second format is CD which is only used for physical products. Other formats are either obsolete for general use or used only for specific purposes.

3. Audio packaging (musical breaks)

Do you have a very simple audio recording that you want to position higher up the food chain? The easy way to do that is with musical breaks. This usually consists of a break at the beginning and end of each section usually with an introduction and narration by a different voice. Think of the opening and closing credits for a movie. This is the audio version.

4. The cover

Even online only audio products need a CD and box cover. In fact they may even need an outer package cover. Why? Because you'll need to show the customer a picture of what they will be getting. Even though it is a virtual product you'll need to show them a picture of what the product would look like if it were physical. Otherwise they won't believe that your product is real.

5. Additional materials

One of the biggest questions you need to answer is "Is this going to be a standalone product?" The alternative is to package it with other related products -- either as bonuses or as part of a bigger product. By including for example, a video version and a written version, you may be able to increase the value of the whole product above that of its individual parts.

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Glen Ford is an accomplished consultant, trainer and writer. He has far too many years experience as a trainer and facilitator to willingly admit.

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