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             24 October, 2020

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What Does 2008 Mean to You?

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2008-03-16 06:29:28     
Article by Brandi Magill

Do what others won't, step up and out of the box. Live in the moment, move before you're ready, challenge yourself and the beliefs that limit you! To stand tall in the face of adversity and take life's obstacles without having to prove that you are good enough is what separates the average from the exceptional.

Exceptional people tap into their courage when faced with a challenge. They immediately step into the solution, even when the solution takes them to unfamiliar territory.

Average people typically choose to remain in the problem simply because it is familiar and they fear being vulnerable when facing the possibility of not performing perfectly in the solution. They stay in their ego; afraid to reach their human potential; afraid to become the person they really deserve to be.

Changing isn't nearly as difficult as you perceive. You are already a brilliant person, you're a masterpiece in progress, and you have the ability to design your life rather than making a living. Just let yourself shine, step in the hands-free zone. It's playing like a child, riding your bike with no hands. Success becomes you and it comes to you rather than you chasing it.

I believe 2008 to be the year of good fortune. The year that the pieces of the puzzle in which we call life will finally fall into place.

Things that didn't work in the past, will work now. Debt that didn't get paid, will be paid now. Vacations that weren't taken, will be taken now. Dreams that didn't come true, WILL COME TRUE NOW!

Yes 2008, will be a great year! A year we start breaking the rules and have our hearts eager, our minds ready and our arms open because SUCCESS is COMING!

The year we decide once and for all, are we average or are we exceptional. Will you be there to catch it?

To You and Your Success!

Brandi Magill

Brandi Magill is an aspiring writer, wife, mother of two as well as a business affiliate with an independent marketing firm that assists home based business professionals. Currently one of the companies she is aligned with is Uri International. Brandi enjoys educating, inspiring, and connecting with like minded men and women. To connect with Brandi visit: http://trueoptimalhealth.com or call: 401-714-2462

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URL: http://www.urilife.com
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