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             31 October, 2020


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November 22 - St Cecilia's Day, and Dryden's Poem 'Alexander's Feast' (Popularity: )
Saint Cecilia, a Roman virgin and martyr (230A.D.) is traditionally the patron saint of music and the inventor of the organ. Dryden's poem Alexander's Feast is written in celebration of St Cecilia's Day on 22 November 1697. The poem opens with Alexander the Great, son of Philip, King of Macedon, seated along with Thais, the young and lovely Athenian courtesan, enjoying the banquet in the Persian city Persepolis in celebration of ...

Mind-Blowing Facts to Inspire You (Popularity: )
Did you know that: * Every breath we breathe in 10 to the power of 22 atoms. * In less than one year you replace 98% of the atoms in your body. * You create a new liver every 6 weeks. * You create a new stomach lining every 5 days. * You create a new skin once per month. * You create a new skeleton every 3 months. * The brain cells you are using to ...

How is Your Faith Muscle? (Popularity: )
Your faith muscle must be exercised to build strength, endurance, sustenance, and resistance. Strength - to carry the dream. Endurance - to continue to the length of time it takes to get to the final birthing of the dream. Sustenance - to uphold you and encourage you to keep moving forward in spite of the distance, the weight of the dream, the pressure, disappointments, discouragements and setbacks. Resistance - to deflect negativity - doubts, ...

So What? Tips to Losing Inhibitions (Popularity: )
It's a beautiful thing when you finally come to realize that what people think about you doesn't really matter. This year, my word for the year is "SO!" One of the hugest problems I have personally always had is wanting to please others, and be liked by everyone. Oh, it's such an enslaving thing to live for peoples acknowledgments, because what happens is either of the following: 1. You become repressed- living ...

Are You Trying to Conquer Your Goliath, With Little Success? (Popularity: )
Perhaps you're working from the wrong mold. David was the runt of his family. His elder brothers were a part of the Israelite army; skilled fighters, while David cared for sheep. The Israelite army was on the battleground with the Philistine army, and David rose up early the morning, left his sheep with a keeper, to take provisions to his brothers. Goliath, the Philistine champion, was 'strutting his stuff', against the Israelite army, ...

Are You Cheating the Earth of Your Talents and Abilities? (Popularity: )
Every person that comes to the earth is given particular talents and abilities for that time period and era that he or she enters the earth. Each individual is equipped with talents and abilities to provide for their sustenance on the earth, and for the benefit of others, as well, leaving a heritage for their children to continue on, and a legacy from which others in society may benefit. As in a ...

Conscious Effort - Subconscious Change - Making a Conscious Effort to Create a Subconscious Change (Popularity: )
Do you remember when you learned to drive a car or ride a bicycle? At first, it seemed like a difficult task. You had to learn the basic procedures, requirements and theory. Then, you needed to apply what you learned to practical application. No matter how much you knew about driving or riding, you still had to put that knowledge into practical use, and apply the feeling part of it; that's ...

The Idea (Popularity: )
Have you ever just found yourself wanting to get away from everything? Wanting to leave everything that is going on in your life at that moment, and just go somewhere different? Where? Anywhere, it doesn't really matter, you just know that there is a lot more out there then what you've been experiencing, and something inside of you is screaming for you to just take that step into the unknown. Yeah, ...

What Does 2008 Mean to You? (Popularity: )
Do what others won't, step up and out of the box. Live in the moment, move before you're ready, challenge yourself and the beliefs that limit you! To stand tall in the face of adversity and take life's obstacles without having to prove that you are good enough is what separates the average from the exceptional. Exceptional people tap into their courage when faced with a challenge. They immediately step into ...

Connection - Formless To Form And The Creation Process (Popularity: )
We were all born into a world we did not recognize. We feel parted or disconnected from our original source. That idea is a deception. Our origin's, from the formless, was never severed. The idea of separateness is not our own. It was the conditioning from our birth to adult life that has in one way or another polluted our thinking to believe in such a thing. We are in fact a ...