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             20 October, 2021

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How is Your Faith Muscle?

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2008-08-28 06:39:45     
Article by Alicia Isaacs

Your faith muscle must be exercised to build strength, endurance, sustenance, and resistance.

Strength - to carry the dream.

Endurance - to continue to the length of time it takes to get to the final birthing of the dream.

Sustenance - to uphold you and encourage you to keep moving forward in spite of the distance, the weight of the dream, the pressure, disappointments, discouragements and setbacks.

Resistance - to deflect negativity - doubts, quitting.

Your 'Why' is that thing that is most important to you. It is what you carry with you to give you the boost to endure, persist and develop inner strength when exercising faith.

Faith is that which you see in your mind's eye that you desire to have and that you believe you can have and know you can attain, and know somehow a way will be made for its attainment even if you cannot physically see it at the present, but you expect its appearance.

Faith is what gives you that extra boost and rejuvenates you. It's that rejuvenating feeling of having that desire and dream fulfilled that gives you extra joy to continue to hope and pushes you past any and all obstacles that gets in the way of its attainment.

It's that shield that blocks all dream stealers, onslaughts of doubts because of that deep down inner knowing that the end result, that goal, that longing, will be satisfied and will come to pass.

It's that which causes and forces things that are in the unseen to push through and break forth into the physical existence. There is that force that comes with energy and persistent determination, extreme discontent with the current situation, much in the same way as survival.

Desperation to get to that goal causes it to break, as you pursue with persistent aggression and somewhat of an obsession. It's more than a wanting, it's a longing of the heart, soul and being that causes or propels the body to move forward to action to bring about change and attain the desired results. It's the putting the foot in the ground and saying, "No more, enough is enough. I shall have it."

Its attainment brings about resolution and satisfaction - a sense of relief and accomplishment.

It's not a passive waiting but an active aggressive motion to bring about change, and bring the change and desired end result into existence.

It goes from the place of wishing, to sinking deeper into the soil of your heart, penetrating your soul, springing forth into a longing, pressing upward into focused pursuit forming an outer shield that pushes off disappointment, negativity, and failure, and breaking out into active energy and physical attainment and achievement.

So, I ask again, "How is your faith muscle?" Examine yourself and see where you are; are you ready to step up and work out? Build those muscles and live!

Alicia Isaacs is a virtual assistant and freelance writer. She shares insider steps and tips learned from her daily personal experiences and used over many years to achieve personal goals.

Discover the secret steps and powerful strategies to extract the hidden untapped God-given treasure, the diamond in the rough, that lies dormant in you, and quickly change your life inside out.

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