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Three Cautions When Using Email To Sell

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2007-12-06 05:48:33     
Article by John W Gottshall

You have used days and weeks compiling a list of electronic mail addresses, and now is the time to turn them into profits. You have done some preliminary advertising, and created pages to bring additional users to your list, and now you wish to start the actual process of retailing. Such thoughts are fine, but remember that it is very easy to alienate your potential clients. Consider this some friendly advice on three things NOT to do.

Tip #1 - Continually pushing the product you are promoting is an easy way to destroy your e-mail list. An e-mail list should not be used for product promotion as it was designed for pre-selling. There is a distinct difference between promotion and pre-selling. The intent of an e-mail list is to educated potential buyers and help them to become interested in the product. Once you have their interest you can direct them to the product sales page and have it do the selling for you.

Tip #2 - Hyping every aspect of the product that you are promoting is another great way to kill your e-mail lists. Too much hype just sounds fake or can make the product seem like it's too good to be true and we all know that if that is how something sounds then it is too good to be true. Whenever you are informing your e-mail list about the product you're selling you want to build their interest in the product and you can do that by expressing genuine sincerity and enthusiasm for the product. Tell about how it's saved you time or how it's saved you money and be truthful with your claims. You'll find truth to be much more effective than hype every time.

Tip #3 - Grammar, grammar, grammar! Probably the best way to kill your list is to simply make it unreadable. For God's sake, use a spell checker or at least have someone proofread your emails before you send them out to your list. Lord knows that I've received hundreds of emails from proclaimed top internet marketing 'gurus' and they were just too irritating to read. Spend some time getting your message across properly and it will repay you one hundred times over.

Your ultimate goal is to have your list flourish and grow with each passing day. If your emails are clear, concise and easy to read, they will pre-sell the products you are promoting, generate curiosity and help you to relax and know your email list is not being destroyed.

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