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Email Marketing 102

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2007-09-30 13:17:18     
Article by Richard N. Rubinstein, M.D.

The key to success in online marketing is getting total strangers to know, like, and trust you.

One of the very best ways to accomplish that is to distribute a free newsletter. Most newbies think that doing so is difficult, so they put off starting a newsletter and that's a huge mistake. It's much easier to do than you might think. For content, all you have to do is just share your ideas and comments about the niche that you want to operate in.

If you don't know much about the topic, you can obtain unlimited amounts of information about any topic using any search engine. That should give you plenty of ideas that you can share in your newsletter.

Plan to send out your newsletter about once a week if you can. Some Internet marketers send their newsletter less often than that, and some send their newsletters more often than that, but to start off, I recommend that you send yours about once a week

Your newsletter doesn't have to be long. If you don't have much to say, you can just write a couple of paragraphs about your topic, but it's very important to stay in regular contact with your subscribers. Frequency is far more critical than length.

As a general rule, you should not include paid product offers in more than 50% of your newsletters, unless you know that your readers want more than that. You don't want your subscribers to think that you only contact them when you want money. Your newsletter should not only consist have a good design, but also some key sections to make your newsletter interesting.

Here are some ideas for sections that you may wish to include in your newsletter:

1. Table of Contents: If your newsletter has more than 3 sections, a table of contents is a must. It gives your newsletter a professional look and feel.

2. Editor's Notes: This is the best place to let your personality shine. Share your personal opinions, views, memories, and feelings here to establish a strong relationship with your readers.

3. Feature Article: This is the main part of your newsletter so focus of the quality of content that you provide here.

4. Guest Article: This is an optional section. You may post another informative article by another expert here.

5. Ask the Editor: Offer your subscribers an email address or an online form to submit their questions. You can choose the most common questions, answer them in an article, and publish it in your future issues. You'll get awesome article ideas this way. It will also make your newsletter interactive, which creates loyal readers.

6. Review a Helpful Product: People love an "honest" review about a helpful product that will save them time, money, or energy.

7. Quote of the Day: More than 17500 people search for the word "quotes" every day.

People love quotes and words of wisdom. Quotes inspire and motivate people to enjoy their life and reach their dreams. So adding a quote to your every issue will add a little spice to it.

8. Joke of the Day: People are usually tired from daily chores and hard work, so they will embrace any fun break you give to their mind and soul.

Did you know that more than 48500 people search for the word "jokes" every day?

9. Recommended Resources: You might know some helpful resources that your subscribers will benefit from. Share a couple of useful resources in every issue. Your readers will appreciate your kindness with their trust and loyalty.

10. Reader's Feedback: If you provide quality content in your newsletter, you will always receive great feedback from your happy readers. You can publish one of them in every issue. Your subscribers' unconscious mind will think, "If everyone likes it, it must be good. So I like it too."

11. Survey of the Week/Month: Looking for ideas to improve your newsletter? Why don't you ask your own readers? They are the ones who know it the best. And they will be happy to share their opinions and suggestions with you. So simply ask!

12. Contact the Editor: To win your subscribers' trust, you should show them that you're a real person, someone just like them whom they can reach by email and phone.

Providing your email address, phone number, and even your snail mail address is a very effective way to gain their trust.

13. Unsubscribe Information: Your subscribers have the legal right to unsubscribe from your newsletter whenever they want, so you should make it easy for them to do so if they wish. And what's more, if they are not interested in reading your ezine anymore, what's the use of sending it to them?

14. How to Subscribe: Not all of the people who read your newsletter are your current subscribers. Many of them may have received it from one of their friends. They may like it and want to subscribe. So you'll gain many new subscribers without doing any additional work. So why not provide a link or autoresponder address to subscribe easily in every issue?

Final Thoughts: As an important final tip, I'd to emphasize the importance of using a professional, reader-friendly template for your newsletter, because your newsletter design can make or break your newsletter success, which, in turn, can make or break your online business.

That's why you might want to get a professionally-designed, easy-to-use template.

Here are some easy-to-use, professionally-designed newsletter templates that I personally recommend.


You'll get 26 great-looking, professionally-designed templates that will add a very polished look to your newsletter.

So every time you send out your newsletter, you'll have the peace of mind that your design will attract your readers to read it - instead of turning them off or worse making them leave your list altogether.

Sending out a personal newsletter on a regular basis will have your customers and prospects looking forward to hearing from you and will help them get to known, like, and trust you. This will cause your online income to go through the roof.

Dr. Rubinstein is a practicing psychiatrist who has replaced the income from his lucrative medical practice through online marketing. He not only offers a wide range of products on dozens of websites, but he also teaches Advanced Email Marketing through an online multi-media training program (http://doctorduplicator.com/pls) as well as a personal mentoring program.

Specialized in: Email Marketing
URL: http://www.doctorduplicator.com
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