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Targeted E-mail Marketing - 3 Ways on How to Make a Potentially Effective E-mail for Marketing

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2007-09-30 13:21:31     
Article by Sean R Mize

E-mail marketing is regarded as one of the pillars in the marketing arena having been in used for quite some time in thee marketing field and by most businessmen. Its undoubted capacity to generate positive results in the business made it as one of the most significant online marketing tools. However, with the advent of the Internet technology and the modernized ways of people in sending e-mails that solicit advertisements, many online users have been very precautious about receiving and opening e-mail from people they do not. As such, e-mail marketing starts to crawl in terms of its effectiveness in driving good results. Nonetheless, there are newer methods and enhanced techniques that one can use to have a potentially effective e-mail for marketing:

a. Do not use words such as advertisements, sale, free, extra income or similar words as your subject line. These are some of the most tracked subject lines that are being blocked by spamming block programs. This also same goes thru with your e-mail address. If you are trying to personalize your e-mail address, do not include the words free and sales or words similar to that effect as these are also potential killers of your e-mail marketing strategy.

b. Always use the standard font size and font color for any e-mail marketing. Never use any font size that is beyond what is professional looking. Do not overly color your e-mail, too, as this looks not so professional. Very seldom that you use other formatting effects for texts, like italics and bold, as this does not convey professional looking e-mail, too.

c. Avoid putting graphics and animations on your marketing e-mail, too. Again, this action of putting graphics and animated files defies the dogma of professional looking e-mail. Besides that, since these graphic and animated files are way too high in terms of file size, in effect, it takes a while to load therefore will not be a good experience for your targeted clients as it takes too much time.

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Specialized in: Opt In List - Email List - List Building
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