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             25 February, 2021

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How To Lose 20 Pounds In One Month - Free Complete Diets

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2007-09-24 12:34:46     
Article by Jennifer Olsen

Have you tried to lose weight with the well-known diets like Atkins, South Beach etc? Didn't work? Lack of discipline? Those diets can make anyone go crazy, especially during the induction-phase of the diet, it gives me the chills just to think about it.

Those diets recommend that you should exclude certain types of nutrients, fat, carbohydrates and protein. Those three represent most of the calories we eat in a day. Ok, so if I eat low-fat processed foods that means that it is healthy? -No, processed foods often contain 'bad' carbohydrates. A 'bad' carbohydrate are the ones that make you feel great for about thirty minutes and then you start feeling grumpy. Your mood tells you that your blood sugar level first spiked and gave you strength but then it dropped fast and you got grumpy and most likely you felt hungry once again.

The opposite, a 'good' carbohydrate are the one's that give you a stable blood sugar level during the day and you fill up your supplies every 4-6 hours and you feel great all day long. Isn't that how you are supposed to feel when you are being healthy?

Now we know that there are two kinds of carbohydrates. What else matters? Well, protein are the building stones in your body and it seems foolish to leave them out. Fat is also a necessity for your body and did you know that there are different kinds of fat? There are actually some kinds of fat that speeds up your body's metabolism, meaning that you burn more fat.

Everything that you have been lead to believe about dieting might be wrong. Low-fat foods is not the same as non-fattening. Carbs comes in different shapes and many are very good for your body. Protein is a necessity, you need it to build new cells, to heal and so on.

A weight loss diet that is built on these corner stones means the following:

1. You get to eat food from every group

2. You use what you know about fat-burning foods and combine them to a meal

3. When you are on a diet you should feel great, otherwise it is just a pain to go through with it

4. A diet like this is easy to follow, you don't have to read every label in the store, you don't have to get a scale and weigh in every single meal.

5. If you feel great and more 'energetic' through-out the day you know that your blood sugar level is stable and that your fat burning process is working just fine

Jennifer Olsen used to be a disaster when it came to diets. She tried all of those foolproof diets like Jenny Craig, Atkins, south-Beach, you name it and she probably tried it. She found one to be working great and that was weightwatchers but it is slow and expensive. Finally she found a diet that was foolproof for her and she lost the extra 50 pounds she was carrying around. She put up a site about weightloss and in it you'll find lots of free diet-plans for fast weight loss.

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URL: http://fastweightloss1.weebly.com
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