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             28 September, 2023

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Change Your Body, Change Your Lifestyle

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2010-10-11 08:28:15     
Article by Tomy Yosafat

It's a great challenge to stay healthy and fit for us in this modern convenient life style. Nowadays it's a common phenomenon that everything it is made easier within reaches with almost no efforts to get. This phenomenon are meant to make our life easier but on the other hand caused implications that can actually give us difficulties in the long run. Various diseases such as coronary diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes increased further more by bad eating habit. Our body become used to almost no significant physical activity. There is even new trend of widespread obesity in many societies.

It's quite simple to overcome this phenomenon, but simple as it is, it might be easier to be said than done. To alter our body to be healthy and fit it's by no mean through temporary hard exercise and diet. We simply have to change our lifestyle little by little until it is a part of our life that we can commit forever. Simple things such as we can have our chocolate cake or pizza but not everyday and take a little walk in the park after. No need to spend 3 hours at the gym; maybe just walk out of the office for lunch instead of driving our cars for a start. Go run around with your toddlers or biking with your friends in the weekend.

These simple things will give great significance if we try to sneak it in our everyday life. By doing it little by little until it become a habit and a part of us. The modern lifestyle challenge need to be answered and we are as a very adaptive creature are sure able to handle this worrying phenomenon.

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