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             13 May, 2021

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Could a 50 Year Old Weight Loss Solution Curb Obesity in America Today?

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2010-02-24 22:14:00     
Article by Ander Lilla

With 65% of the American population being overweight or obese, you better believe that weight loss products are in high demand. Products come and go but very rarely do they "stick." Let's take a look at one in particular that has "stuck" and why it has managed to do so.

The HCG Diet

Dr. ATW Simeons discovered HCG over 50 years ago and it has been popping up more and more in today's society. Not only has it hit the urban areas, it has trickled down to the rural areas as well. So what is the deal with this phenomenon and how has it affected the tens of thousands of people that have used it?

With review after review that I read on this product and with people posting positive comments, I surmised that HCG Vitality must be doing something right with their diet plan. I will let the benefits of the "http://www.hcgvitality.com"HCG diet speak for themselves:

• Decreased appetite
• Decreased craving for sweets
• Increased metabolism
• Increased libido in women and men
• Fat burning and muscle sparing
• No hunger pains
• Cost effective

These are just some of the many beneficiary factors of the HCG diet that may be taking our society by storm. You are probably wondering the same question that I am; could the rate of obese and overweight people significantly drop over time? I believe the answer to be yes; especially if its popularity continues as it has done so over the past 50 years.

This could in turn mean positive things such as: a healthier and more productive economy, a huge decrease in medical expenses, and so on. Obviously this diet has "stuck" for a reason and will more than likely continue to do so.

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