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Your First Martial Arts Class - What Will it be Like?

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2007-08-22 14:27:34     
Article by Mike Webb

Your first martial arts class should be relatively easy and a confidence builder. If it isn't both of those then you need to go somewhere else. The instructor should be friendly and teach a very exciting introductory class which usually lasts anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes.

You will begin to learn some of the basic techniques or movements and also be informed of the benefits you will receive if you decide to invest in yourself and continue taking martial arts. As I mentioned the first class should be easy and a confidence builder to you as the instructor shouldn't try to overwhelm you or over-impress you by trying to get you to do advanced techniques such as a spinning kick. The physical portion of your first class is usually very short but effective in helping you to make a decision on whether to join the martial arts school or not.

You may be taking your first class with the enrollment manager, the head instructor, or a senior rank student depending on the school. Either one is ok as long as they give you a tour of the school and introduce you to the instructor that will be teaching you in regular class if they aren't.

Lastly they will reinforce the benefits of the martial art they are teaching and why their school is the place for you to train. Plus they will usually make you an offer to join either on a monthly basis, yearly or as a complete program.

The basics of your first martial arts class:

-Meeting the Enrollment Manager, Head Instructor or Senior Rank Student
-Discuss Benefits
-Short class teaching movements or techniques (and if the instructor is good - Life Skills)
-Review the Benefits
-Offer to join or to return for a 2nd Introductory Class
Don't be afraid to ask questions at your first class, but it is also good to just listen to what is being offered. Many new students aren't sure what they are looking for when they come into a martial arts school and the enrollment manager can help them understand more of what they might need. If there are several schools in your area then make sure you test out all the free classes you can. Find the instructor that you like the most - it will make for a much more satisfying journey.

The authore Mike Webb is the owner/head instructor of the Okinawan School of Karate and has 17 years of experience in Karate. To Learn more about Mike Webb you can go to his website: http://www.karatebenefits.com

The above article may be published freely as long as no content is changed and all links are included. Copyright Mike Webb 2007

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