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             26 June, 2022

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The Legends of MMA

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2007-02-27 08:39:54     
Article by Jon Murray

Wouldn't it be great to turn back time? I'm tired of seeing older fighters past their prime, just looking for another payday. These guys are forced to fight guys ten or fifteen years younger than themselves. The most recent examples of this were the fights between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock and the fight between Royce Gracie and Matt Hughes. We've also seen such mismatches as Tank Abbott vs Frank Mir and Tank Abbott vs Paul Buentello. Even so, part of me wants to see these legends mix it up again, just not in mismatches which tarnish their past glory.

Let's face it, in their day, Gracie and Shamrock were the number one and two fighters in the UFC and likely in the entire MMA world. Grace fought people 75 pounds heavier than he was and defeated them. Shamrock was feared for his power and leg locks. These two guys fought each other twice, the first time Ken Shamrock got caught in a choke from Gracie. The second match went past 25 minutes and was declared a draw.

I would personally like to see Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie 3. I have no interest in seeing either of these guys tarnish their legendary status by fighting todays breed of MMA stars, but I'd love to see what they can do against each other.

While I'm at it, why not pull out a couple of other legends of the sport. How about Bas Rutten vs Mark Coleman. Some might argue that Mark Coleman is not in Bas' league. Maybe, but when Mark Coleman is in the right frame of mind, he's like a freight train, hard to stop!

Another interesting match up would be Kimo vs Don Frye. While neither of these two were my favorite fighters, Don Frye always puts on a show and the same can be said for Kimo. I think this would be a very exciting fight and interesting.

Okay, who could put on an MMA legends card without Tank Abbott? The only question with Tank is who is he going to fight? I'd love to see Tank against Shamrock, or Frye. I don't think he'd stand a chance with Gracie. Of course Dan, the best Severn hasn't been mentioned yet, so let's put David "Tank" Abbott vs Dan "The Beast " Severn on the card.

If "they" ever put together a legends card, those are the fighters I'd like to see on it.

Here's my picks

Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie
- With todays rules, Royce Gracie cannot wait around for something to happen. The pressure of rounds and the recovery in between allows stronger fighters a couple of advantages. First, they can recuperate between rounds and secondly, they get stood back up. I think Ken would win this fight, likely by decision.

Bas Rutten vs Mark Coleman
- Mark Coleman is tough, strong and a great wrestler, but Bas Rutten is a complete fighter. His striking is better than Coleman and Bas knows submission fighting. Bas Rutten by submission.

Kimo vs Don Frye
- This one is a tough call, but if I need to I'll take Frye by decision. Never underestimate the pure toughness of Don Frye.

Tank Abbott vs Dan Severn
- While Tank is one of the most exciting legend fighters there is, he is no match for Dan Severn who has managed to keep his skill(s) more up to date.

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