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             24 January, 2021

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Disappearing is Harder Than You Think

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2008-07-24 07:07:18     
Article by Jock Brocas

Now the title of this post will no doubt create much controversy, but what i am talking about is the ability to remain undetected whilst in the heat of battle or training. To disappear in fact does not necessarily mean exploding in a puff of smoke but more understanding timing and distance to make oneself invisible using ninpo Taijutsu. Perhaps a better way to explain this is to be able to understand universal energy and to react to the subconscious rather than the conscious thought which gives rise to the physical manifestation of movement. Moving in this space allows you to move undetected - to evade or to get to a more strategic position.

Only after years of training in this way can the student arrive at the understanding of this concept. It's not as easy as you think, though training on the development of the intuitive senses will help to achieve this understanding. This allows you to employ hidden methods using weapons or your body.

It is interesting to watch the students perspective on this and at first many will stumble from one angle to another using only physical movement - putting themselves in further danger from the opponent, instead of flowing seamlessly using natural intuitive movement. Perhaps in time this movement becomes integrated into the students understanding of san shin no kata whereby the introduction to intuitive movement can be expressed. It is only through this understanding can you appreciate the validity of disappearing in time. Looking for the space is not enough but feeling it is intuitive.

Jock Brocas is a professional psychic medium, author and an expert in security and martial arts. He works worldwide with his wife,demonstrating the continuance of life after death and teaching that your intuitive connection can save your life in a hostile world. He uniquely blends the gifts of mediumship and psychic ability to provide a new weapon in the fight against terrorism, violence and abuse. He is known to be witty, fearless, controversial and accurate in his readings. He regularly appears on radio and writes for international magazines and, along with his wife, has investigated and worked on cases of a more sinister nature including murder, missing persons, hauntings and possessions.

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URL: http://www.jockbrocas.com
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