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             08 December, 2023

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Rampage Jackson Vs Wanderlei Silva 3, Why Rampage Will Lose Again

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2009-01-06 06:50:48     
Article by Scott Buendia

Rampage Jackson is an infighter and always will be.

If you watch his knockout of Chuck Liddell it was from close range (punching range and closer). If you look at their first fight (Chuck and Rampage's) you'll see Rampage dominate Chuck by smothering him with this inside fighting ability. This is why he'll lose (again) to Wanderlei Silva.

Wanderlei Silva has a Thai clinch that is deadly. From inside (where the fight will go) he will clinch Rampage and knock him out again with knees.

I know what you're thinking, if Rampage can handle Chuck so easily (who beat Wanderlei), then all this doesn't make sense. Let me explain.

Here's what happened in Wanderlei's fight with Chuck (the first one, and hopefully not the last). Wanderlei tried way too much boxing and played right into Liddell's game. Had he clinched Liddell more, he would have probably knocked Chuck out. Chuck has an awkward stance (an open stance) that opens him up for straight punches down the middle.

Wanderlei has a better fighting stance, but swings very wildly with his hooks (which is why he lost to Chuck as well, Chuck was throwing his right straight down the pipe and beating Wanderlei to his power shots).

That's why Rampage beat him (Chuck), because Rampage's boxing is tight and close range. Chuck needs space to throw his bombs and Rampage effectively stopped his game plan. But again, in order to use his effective boxing, he must be in a range he shouldn't be in with Wanderlei. Wanderlei will clinch him, and he will knock him out with knees in the 2nd around at about 2:20 mark.

Scott Buendia is an mma instructor based out of Hillsboro, OR and has been certified under Frank Shamrock to teach Shamrock Submission Fighting. You can find his martial arts and mixed martial arts school in Tigard and Hillsboro here.

Specialized in: Tigard Martial Arts
URL: http://www.realistictrainingworks.com
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