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             08 December, 2023

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Doug Wilson and Sparring

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2008-07-26 06:56:44     
Article by Jock Brocas

I have only recently come across the episode on the history channel that shows two MMA fighters visiting, training and at the last minute sparring with a couple of our own shihan. I have also read with interest the many posts regarding the episode - some positive and some a direct disrespect for Doug and the other shihan.

Perhaps one thing that is forgotten is that the match towards the end of the show was done at the request of the directors and had to be entertaining and fun and at the same time not make a mockery of our two intrepid explorers. Sparring and having fun or fighting to score points is entirely different to realistic encounters. Each individual will walk away maybe with a few cuts and bruises and all the speculation of what a 15th Dan in the Bujinkan should or should not have done is entirely speculatory. In the heat of a real conflict, you would not be trying to just score a point but would be trying to take out the other opponent any which way you can. This can obviously mean winning by maiming, inflicting serious injury or at an extreme - killing. How can you measure the effectiveness of a technique or indeed a person's ability when not faced with reality. Yes, I agree that Doug was holding back as were the other shihan. Trying to find reason for why he decided to attack a fighter of the calibre of Jason is stupid as Doug could have seen an opening. What if that opening was enough to blind the opponent - would this be measured as success or not - you decide?

No matter what we think, it is entirely conjecture to analyze the show - we don't know what went on and I applaud our shihan for putting up with it and putting their reputation on the line. In reality, I do not believe that the two presenters would have survived a real encounter.

A long time ago, I happened to meet a cage fighter who came to train at the dojo and at the end of the training he approached and admitted that outside of the ring - he would not survive due to the sport element of his training. Secondly he stated that technique in the bujinkan threw him off and was too painful at times - which would never be allowed in the ring. Realistically a fight in the street should never last for more than a few moments and this is from years of experience. This of course is my own opinion and once again I rise and bow with respect to Doug and the rest of the guys.

Jock Brocas is a professional psychic medium, author and an expert in security and martial arts. He works worldwide with his wife,demonstrating the continuance of life after death and teaching that your intuitive connection can save your life in a hostile world. He uniquely blends the gifts of mediumship and psychic ability to provide a new weapon in the fight against terrorism, violence and abuse. He is known to be witty, fearless, controversial and accurate in his readings. He regularly appears on radio and writes for international magazines and, along with his wife, has investigated and worked on cases of a more sinister nature including murder, missing persons, hauntings and possessions.

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