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Heavy Striking Power

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2007-07-04 10:56:22     
Article by Suikee Wan

The main striking power core of the Ancestor system employs Chong Lik (Heavy Power). Chong Lik can be classified as Soft as it relies on relaxation for its power generation. Others may know or refer to this type of power to as Dead Weight or Vibrating Power.

The primary advantage of using Chong Lik is that strikes of considerable power can be generated with a relatively small swing or recoil of the arms. The state of relaxation allows for powerful multi-directional strikes similar to the Ball and Chain.

Using this type of power generation allows for the arms to de-link from the torso without heavy loss of striking power even without proper footing. When de-linked, power is solely generated by the arms through a combination of wrist and forearm motion executed at the correct speed in order to create maximum shock, analogous to adjusting sound frequency to the point when it can shatter glass.

Thus when properly executed even strikes from the palm to the opponents head at the close Elbow Range can be very effective as soft energy strikes can deliver penetration in the form of shock waves.

This can be compared to slapping a coconut with enough dead weight energy as to cause maximum vibration to the liquid on the inside. Since the surface area of the striking palm is considerably larger than the knuckles of the fist, a Heavy slap to specific areas of the head can easily generate enough magnitude of shock power to render unconsciousness.

When employed the soft nature of Heavy strikes lends well to the many open and closed Palm strikes used in the Ancestors system. In turn this increases flexibility and the variety of strikes that can be achieved at the various ranges.

Suikee Wan is a Shaolin Ancestors sifu which can be found here http://www.shaolinancestors.com To learn Southern Kung fu or read more articles on Southern Kung Fu go to the http://www.wengchun.co.uk where Bruce Valentine is an instructor

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