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7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass

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2006-07-18 21:06:06     
Article by John Thompson

A few decades ago, stained glass was strictly used in churches. Many individuals can remember sitting in a church jaw dropped at the detail of the glass and wondering just how it happened. But, today, stained glass can be used in many different ways. In fact, you can add it to your dcor to give your house or business an appeal like none other. How can you add stained glass to your house? Here are some ideas.

Idea 1: Windows! It makes excellent sense to add stained glass to your windows. When the light beams in, the room is filled with a wide range of colors and looks. And, you can use it in virtually any design that you would like. Add it to your front window for a unique and gorgeous decorative feature in your home.

Idea 2: Doors. Many doors have that glass part of them that is hard to see through. This glass is there for security so that people can not see into the residence. But, replacing it with stained glass will give you that same beauty but will provide a lavish display on the front entrance to you home.

Idea 3: Mirrors. For those that have large sized mirrors within their house, including those that are placed on an entire wall, stained glass can be incorporated on top of it to give an astonishing effect.

Idea 4: Vases and Bowls. An interesting way to add a little color and light into your home is to use a vase that features stained glass. It provides hundreds of color choices, styles galore and even more interesting things to talk about within your house. Decorative bowls for candy are also finest here.

Idea 5: Your Coffee Table. When you have guests visit your home, do you allow them to see a dull and boring coffee table? Add a stained glass top to it and youll surely have something to talk about.

Idea 6: Lamps and Lighting. One of the beauties of stained glass is the light that it allows through. The light is modified by the colors that you have selected and can add a lavish tone to it. For a subtle or a dramatic look, ask for stained glass lights.

Idea 7: Cabinet doors. A superb way to add a dcor component to a kitchen or to your television cabinet is for the doors to them to be made of stained glass. This will give you a gorgeous look that is completely original. Use the colors that fit your needs and tastes, add more of those colors throughout the kitchen and get a beautiful look well worth the investment.

Adding stained glass to your house is the most ideal way to kick things up a notch. You choose the color scheme, the look and the design and you reap the rewards of beauty that is unlike anything else. And, when the sun shines on your stained glass, it will be nothing short of astonishing.

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