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Get Involved In Bellevue Church for the Greater Glory of God (Popularity: )
Having faith in a greater power helps a person create a certain balance in their life. There are many who look with scepticism on the presence of a greater power because they have never actually experienced nor been introduced to that feeling before. This happens when families do not introduce their children to God. A balance between practicality and spirituality is one of the best ways to go through life. ...

Benny Hinn: Healing and Mentoring the Next Generation (Popularity: )
Most of the people on this earth are in peril and looking for the way to God and peace. Pastor Benny Hinn is one man who is instrumental to understanding the word of God. He teaches the world about the ways of the Holy Spirit and the way to find peace on earth through God’s presence. Benny Hinn preached the Gospel on television to more than 1 billion people. He ...

Pastor Benny Hinn: the Epitome of Belief (Popularity: )
Pastor Benny Hinn, the noted evangelist, is known for the awe inspiring nature of his belief in God. The way he rests his belief in God is simply amazing. He preaches that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is the revelation of God to mankind. He says the Bible is the infallible rule of faith and conduct, and it is the highest book of dignity. The ...

The Revival of Worship By Benny Hinn (Popularity: )
One of the greatest movements of the Holy Spirit in the world today is the rebirth and revival of worship. In true worship, people meet the Lord with their intellect, will, and emotion. That's the difference between a cold, dead service and one that is vibrant and alive with God's presence. If you've ever been in one of our crusades, you know how wonderful the sense of worship is. Occasionally people ...

7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass (Popularity: )
A few decades ago, stained glass was strictly used in churches. Many individuals can remember sitting in a church jaw dropped at the detail of the glass and wondering just how it happened. But, today, stained glass can be used in many different ways. In fact, you can add it to your dcor to give your house or business an appeal like none other. How can you add stained glass ...

Santeria: The Survival Of An Ancient African Religion (Popularity: )
Many perceive Santeria as a bizarre an undesirable amalgamation of primitive, pagan beliefs and Roman Catholicism. Many believe the religion to be a dangerous, perhaps even Satanic, variation of Voodoo featuring zombies, indiscriminate animal sacrifices and other totems that make those from “first world” religious backgrounds uneasy. The truth behind Santeria is far less ominous. Santeria is a legitimate religion with roots that trace deep back into history. European colonization of the ...

Christianity: A Quick Guide To One Of The Most Common Religions In The World (Popularity: )
Christianity: A Quick Guide to One of the most Common Religions in the World Christianity is one of the most widespread religions in the world. It is estimated that over 2.1 billion people worldwide are Christians In Christianity, Jesus is a very important figure. In fact, the whole religion is based around his life and teachings. Jesus is considered to be the Messiah which means the anointed one in Hebrew. (Messiah is ...

Witchcraft Supplies You'll Need (Popularity: )
The witchcraft supplies I am going to discuss fall into 2 categories...Crystals/Stone, and Herbs... Crystals/Stones Each rock (whether it is a crystal or not) has a higher or lower density vibration. This makes certain rocks (crystals & stones) powerful collectors of Magick energy. Whenever you are in a situation where you are about to buy stones or crystals, it is important to physically touch different ones before buying them. It helps to close ...

Two Beginner Witchcraft Spells For Money And Protection (Popularity: )
Your first spell in any path of Witchcraft should be one of protection. There are two reasons for this. First, protection spells are very safe... even if you are inexperienced, no harm can come from casting a protection spell the "wrong way"... The second reason is because most protection spells are relatively easy. I've given you one here, and also a simple money spell you can do too... Beginner Spell #1 –Make ...