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             14 May, 2021

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Diving Boards

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2007-02-25 07:54:20     
Article by Jimmy Sturo

A wide variety of diving boards are available in the market with durable construction and safety features. A diving board directs people away from unsafe shallow areas. Diving boards are available in several styles, lengths and colors. Replacement diving boards are also available. Diving boards are used in competitions also. When using a replacement diving board, use only a board of the same type and length, for safety reasons.

Diving boards should be carefully installed on the diving pool following certain guidelines. SPATA guidelines on installation and maintenance offer you a lot of safety instructions.

Most diving boards are made of wood. They are covered with fiberglass to make them waterproof. On the top of this, usually a nonskid tread is applied. Diving boards are available in simple platform models and spring assisted models. Spring assisted models will provide an extra bouncing action. Aluminum diving boards are also available.

Diving boards are available for residential and commercial applications. The length of board for residential use ranges from 6 to 12 feet. And their width is about 18 inches. For commercial boards, the length is up to 16 feet and width about 20 inches. To accommodate the smallest diving board, diving pools must have the minimum requirements. The depth of the pool must be at least 7½ feet, length must be about 28 feet, and width at least 15 feet.

Fibre-Dive is common brand of diving boards used by backyard swimming pool owners. It is specially designed for light to moderate use in residential swimming pools.

Diving provides detailed information on Diving, Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, Cliff Diving and more. Diving is affiliated with Swimming Pool Supplies.

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