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The Benefits of Swimming (Popularity: )
All over the world people love to swim in the water and feel the cool, refreshing feel of it as they dip into a pool or other body of water. It's a form of recreation, and also in many countries it is a sport, with people swimming competitively and even taking it to professional levels. If you compare the number of swimming related injuries to injuries from other sports, you see ...

How to Successfully Increase Your Swimming Speed (Popularity: )
When swimmers dive into the water, they battle more than nerves, physical exhaustion, and (perhaps) other competitors- they battle the laws of physics. These laws- some of which are unique to an aqueous environment- have long challenged scientists and engineers to devise methods to surmount them in order to successfully increase swimming speed. The end result of their exhaustive research (thus far), however, has rejected such a concept as "surmounting" ...

5 Nutritious Snacks to Munch on Before Swim Workouts (Popularity: )
Eating nutritious snacks before your swimming workout gives you the energy to engage in a productive and rewarding routine. All active swimmers should know how important it is to remain hydrated and to eat nutritious foods that will provide the right amount of energy in order to participate in an effective workout. However, sometimes, we're not exactly sure about which foods can provide us with the fuel that we need ...

The Swim from Europe to Africa (Popularity: )
I swam the fifty yards from the guide boat to the rocky point that was the southern tip of Spain. I placed my hand on the cold rock, without looking up, I turned toward the open sea and began the nine mile swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. On the other side was the northern tip of Morocco, Africa. This is the story of how on September 17, 2007, I ...

Swimming Conditioning Workouts (Popularity: )
Aquatic Conditioning The best way to build one's strength and endurance as a swimmer is to plan a series of swimming conditioning workouts. These swimming conditioning workouts should contain a balance between different strokes including freestyle or front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, and for the more advanced swimmers, the butterfly. By incorporating a variety of strokes into the swimming conditioning workouts, the swimmer works different muscle groups for an overall strengthening ...

Baby Swimming Lessons (Popularity: )
Growing Accustomed to the Water at a Young Age Humans are the only mammals that lack the instinctive ability to swim. This is why is it very important to introduce swimming at a very young age with baby swimming lessons, so that children grow up learning how to swim. This is beneficial from a safety standpoint in addition to enjoyment and fitness purposes. Before enrolling any youngster in baby swimming lessons, the ...

9th FINAL World Swimming Championships at the MEN Arena, Manchester (Popularity: )
The MEN Arena in Manchester is best known as a pop and event venue hosting such acts as Kylie Minogue and the Rolling Stones and so was the unlikely venue for the World Swimming Championships held in Manchester 9-13 April 2008. Not only was this the first time that a swimming competition of its kind was held in the UK but The MEN Arena was the first events venue in the ...

How To Teach Your Child To Swim (Popularity: )
Most children love to play in the water. Splashing and playing during bath time can be the early stages of teaching your child how to swim. While in the bath tub they can begin to put their heads under the water and get used to how this feels. One of the best ways to teach your child how to swim is as simple as taking them to a pool as ...

Basic Swimming (Popularity: )
Some people think that learning to float and dog paddle is enough to say that a person knows how to swim. This is only the tip of the iceberg since there are other ways to swim faster in the water. The most basic swimming stroke to learn is freestyle. The person doesn't only let the arms go forward and all the way to back but must also observe proper technique to ...

Proper Swimming Technique (Popularity: )
Swimming is one of the many forms of exercise that the person can learn in a few days. The strokes are easy to learn once the individual knows the basics. The challenging part is maintaining these when the muscles get tired. Some people think that creating a lot of splashes in the water makes the person go faster. Unfortunately this is the exact opposite since this only creates drag and one ...