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5 Nutritious Snacks to Munch on Before Swim Workouts

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2010-01-13 07:19:32     
Article by Mike Chicopo

Eating nutritious snacks before your swimming workout gives you the energy to engage in a productive and rewarding routine. All active swimmers should know how important it is to remain hydrated and to eat nutritious foods that will provide the right amount of energy in order to participate in an effective workout. However, sometimes, we're not exactly sure about which foods can provide us with the fuel that we need in order to accomplish our goals? Regardless of the size of swimsuit that you wear, eating right will help you to optimize your swimming routine. This applies to those wearing regular swimsuits, plus size swimsuits or chlorine proof swimwear.

Carbohydrates that are low in fat are the best snacks to consume before a swim workout. Carbohydrates are broken down by our bodies into glucose that converts to energy. An apple is a good snack, low in fat and low in carbohydrates. It can be carried with you and sliced a few hours before you swim. Apples are relatively inexpensive and feature several tasty selections.

Eating whole grain foods, like whole wheat bread with natural peanut, are another optimal snack. Peanut butter contains the protein that the body needs for swimming energy. Such healthy snacks help everyone in chlorine resistant swim wear to achieve weight loss and cardio goals.

Women that wear a plus size swimsuit may opt to engage in more intense swimming routines to get more from their workouts. Consuming nutritious and energetic foods is especially important, in these instances. Eat 3-4 hours ahead of a workout in order to acquire the right type of energy. Low fat yogurt with some diced fruit is a wise option. It's low in fat and gives the body the energy it needs to workout properly.

Do you want to include additional protein in your snack list? If so, then an egg with some beans is a good choice. These foods supply bursts of energy to the muscles for contractions and movement. Eggs and some type of beans will sustain the workout. Another option is trail mix with nuts and fruit. This snack contains protein and low fat carbohydrates. Indulging in such snacks before commencing a swim routine can help larger women to look shapely more quickly in plus size swimwear.

It's important to eat within 30 minutes of completing a swim workout in order to replenish the body with energy. Many pre-workout snacks are equally effective after a swimming routine. So, enjoy a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese after you exercise; or indulge in a few eggs with a slice of ham after your workout. Leverage the demands of your swimming workout to help you look your best in that special swimsuit. Strive to eat nutritious snacks on a daily basis to help reach both weight loss and overall health goals.

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