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             17 May, 2021

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The Benefits of Yoga for Children

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2007-01-03 19:32:18     
Article by ElizabethG Morgan

Various trends and fads have come and gone with fitness and exercise which makes it very easy to be cynical about any new developments in this field. However, because of the believed benefits of both mental and physical health yoga has been able to endure and become a favorite.

Having children practice yoga is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Like adults, children do not get enough exercise according to studies by experts and they can also exhibit tension and stress - therefore the perfect solution for overworked children is yoga.

Finding the Right Place

It is important to research the yoga class you are thinking of having your kid join as with any class or group. Talk with the instructors and ask them how spiritual their classes will be since some parents may be put off by the very religious nature of the Eastern/Buddhist influence.

It is also a good idea to find out how physically demanding the class is. The more strenuous positions may be dealt with by children that are natural athletes, but children who are beginners might need to be signed up for a more basic course.

For some parents, just the thought of sending a child to a yoga class is seen as too trendy. However, there are some organizations out there that are working to make the idea of yoga for children not so foreign. Converts out of skeptics can happen if your read up on the information available.

Just as much as adults, children need to find balance and peace of mind. Since yoga is so successful with adults, a natural progression seems to be developing and adapting it for children Yoga Fitness Exercises. The benefits of yoga in young children’s health is promoted by a group called YogaKids International. The website of this large organization is www.yogakids.com where people can get information on their mission as well as locations, teachers, equipment and accreditation.

Is it Right for Your Kid?

There is a pensive, spiritual side to yoga in addition to the physical part which is the most important part of the exercise. Yoga might be a problem therefore if your child’s attention span doesn’t allow them to sit still longer than the average commercial break.

This don’t mean hyperactive children can’t benefit from yoga, it just means that you need to have a patient instructor who has prior experience in dealing with children - particularly those who are antsy at the thought of sitting on a mat and concentrating on breath when they would rather be in front of a television screen annihilating galaxies. It is this children who will benefit the most from yoga Yoga for Beginners.

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