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             06 December, 2023


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Best workout clothing for various age groups! (Popularity: )
It is possible to procure best workout clothes for different ages when you rely on best brand. New line of Motivational Workout Clothes is launched by Mind in Motion. There will be a great comfort when you slip into those slim-fit clothes. The outfit is prepared with clothes which will enhance perspiration so that you will be able to do various kinds of physical exercises without any issues. Exercising outfit ...

The Three Qualities of Nature (The Three Gunas of Prakriti) as per Yoga philosophy (Popularity: )
The Vedas speak of 3 Gunas. These are qualities or characteristics that can be used to describe or existing of all things. Everything that exists in the universe is made up of one or more of these qualitier. This knowledge is part of every yoga teacher training course. These three Gunas are:- 1) Sattva which is representative of purity and simplicity. Sattva can be found in things such as the colour ...

Join healing holidays U.S and gain health (Popularity: )
The importance of yoga practices are beyond any doubts now. The whole world admits this fact as this acceptance has come after realizing the fact by self experience. The benefits of yoga as shown by the Yoga Retreat are very much accepted by one and all. Due to this exceptional success of these yoga practices, people are now joining the weight loss holiday in big numbers. Here, right at this ...

Understanding a Good Yoga Class (Popularity: )
Many of my new students often do not know what to expect in a Yoga class or have general misconceptions about Yoga. This is not surprising as Yoga is often misunderstood. At one extreme, it is a pure spiritual practice that can corrupt your existing religious beliefs. At the other extreme, it is a set of powerful exercises done in dance like moves. In between these extremes, you have everything ...

Yoga and the Song That Inspires Your Mind (Popularity: )
Yoga and music hold an intangible power to cause positive arousal within the mind. The comparison of Yoga and music does not stop here. We might say that Yoga is a science, and music is an art, but both create innovation within the practitioners of these two disciplines. Have you ever risen in the morning with a song in your heart? Is it a song filled with joyful anticipation for the ...

Tibetan Yoga (Popularity: )
I consider Tibetan Yoga the forgotten yoga. Classic Tibetan Yoga is a series of five postures. I have updated the Five Tibetans into a series that I believe is better. THE CLASSIC FIVE TIBETAN'S TIBETAN 1 (a) stand in mountain with out stretched arms, 21 circles of the arms, (b) stand, rest with hands on hips for two breaths inhaling through the nose, exhale mouth TIBETAN 2 (a) on back, feet flexed over hips and arms ...

The Yoga Sutra (Popularity: )
The Yoga Sutra, one of the six darshanas in the Hindu school of philosophy, is a set of 95 aphorisms written somewhere between 1,700 and 2,200 years ago by the Indian philosopher Patanjali. Patanjali is said to be the compiler, not author, of the Sutras as they were traditionally for generations passed down by memory from teacher to student. This does not lessen the impact Patanjali had on the world ...

The Bhagavad Gita (Popularity: )
The Bhagavad-Gita, the most famous of all yoga texts, is a passage of 701 verses in the Mahabharata, one of the three major ancient Sanskrit epics of India and is said to be one of the three longest epic poems in the world. The Gita, as it is commonly referred, recounts the conversation between Arjuna, the reluctant warrior, and Krishna, his spiritual advisor, just prior to the climactic war on ...

The History of Yoga - Almost As Old As Time (Popularity: )
The beginning of the ancient history of yoga is not written down, most was transmitted first orally and later with the help of sacred texts on palm leaves. That is how long Yoga is been around... It is difficult to tell exactly by date how long the history of yoga extends and how old this practice actually is because many of the first written history is lost, damaged and destroyed ...

Meditation, Yoga and Occidental Medicine (Popularity: )
The Yoga discipline - centuries old - is nowadays more valid than ever, she provides the means to combat the lack of inner equilibrium, that the actual rhythm of life so frequently inducts. For a great number of illnesses are the psychosomatic origins already mostly accepted, especially in the psychological and psychiatric practice. Often has been asserted a very close relation between psychic components and the symptoms of illnesses in the gynecology, ...