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Yogic Powers I: Great Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda's Body Fresh Even 20 Days After Death!

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2007-01-03 00:21:52     
Article by Santhanam Nagarajan

The famous book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” was written by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.The book reveals wonderful experiences of Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) and every ardent seeker should read this book to know the Yogic powers.

He attained Maha Samadhi (a Yogi’s final conscious exit from the body) on 7th March 1952. His body was fresh even on March 27th after 20 days. A full account of this wonderful event was written by Mr Harry T Rowe, Mortuary Director of Forest Lawn Memorial –Park, Los Angeles.

Extracts from his letter are as follows:

“The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramahansa Yogananda offers the most extraordinary case in our experience.

No physical disintegration was visible in his body even twenty days after death. No indication of mold visible on his skin, and no visible desiccation (drying up) took place in the bodily tissues. This state of perfect preservation of a body is, so far as we know from mortuary annals, an unparalleled one.

At the time of receiving Yogananda’s body, the mortuary personnel expected to observe, through the glass lid of the casket, the usual progressive signs of the bodily decay. Our astonishment increased as day followed day without bringing any visible change in the body under observations. Yogananda’s body was apparently in a phenomenal state of immutability.

No odor of decay emanated from his body at any time!

“The physical appearance of Yogananda on March 27th, just before the bronze cover of the casket was put into position, was the same as it had been on March 7th. He looked on March 27th as fresh and as unravaged by decay as he had looked on the night of his death. On March 27th there was no reason to say that his body had suffered any visible physical disintegration at all. For these reasons we state again that the case of Paramahansa Yogananda is unique in our experience.”

Similar strange experiences have been felt by devotees and scientists whenver a great Yogi left his body.

We can feel the greatness of Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi when He left his body. In our next article we will read that wonderful incident.

S. Nagarajan is a vehicle body engineer by profession. He has written more than 1300 articles in 16 magazines and published 18 books. He is revealing Eastern Secret Wisdom through T.V. Programmes, magazine articles, seminars, courses.

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