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             24 January, 2021

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Can Anyone Be Psychic?

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2006-12-13 02:51:40     
Article by Jennie Crawford

I am often curious about the psychics that I see on TV. One in particular, Sylvia Brown. She is often on the Montel Williams show. I sometimes have that show on in the background as I am going about my day, and sometimes it really does seem that she knows what she is talking about. I am not at all curious enough to call one of the MANY 800 numbers for a "psychic reading". I tend to believe that if someone really has psychic abilities, they are doing something else with them. Not answering the phone and giving a "psychic" reading over the phone.

But I am curious and wonder if there is such a thing as a psychic. And if so, do we all have the powers or only a select few? Is being a psychic something like being really good at playing the guitar? There are people who are just born with the ability and there are others who work really hard at developing their abilities. Is it possible that with the proper training, we could all have psychic abilities?

Tapping into a shared consciousness - or superconsciousnes is one definition of extrasensory perception or ESP. Some of the signs that you may have ESP (psychic ability) on some level are:

1. Does the telephone ring and you know who it is before you answer? (Without caller ID or course!)

2. Do you ever know what someone is about to say before they say it?

3. Do you ever have a hunch about something that turns out to be right?

4. Have you ever had a sudden urge to go somewhere or do something and then if you follow through, you find out it was the exact right thing to do?

5. Have you ever had such an urge and NOT followed through, and then found out you should have?

The above are all signs that you could have psychic ability. Most of us have probably experienced something like one of the above examples at some point in our lives. Can we further develop these psychic abilities? I'm not sure. But I am curious about it. Sometimes, I feel as though I am psychic. I know what my husband is going to say on the phone when he calls at 5:55pm. He's going to be late for dinner. Is that psychic? I don't think so. Thats just experience.

But if it were possible to know at 5:50pm that he was going to call and be home late or even 5pm, it would sure make my life easier. Developing psychic abilities is something that I am certainly interested in.

URL: http://www.jenniecrawford.com/bepsychic
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