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Conferencing Hardware Installation

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2006-11-29 00:20:21     
Article by Eric Morris

A videoconference is an alternative to actual meetings of partners, colleagues and clients of an organization. Video conferencing hardware and software are installed for two-way audio and video communication. They enable users to exchange live video and visuals, share documents and transfer files in the course of the conference. A computer, web camera, head set with microphone and an Internet connection are the basic requisites of a video conference. Video conferencing hardware aims to reduce complexities in user interface, improve performance to give a quality output, eliminate sound echo, ensure enhanced audio quality and also decrease background noise pickup.

Conferencing hardware installation requires careful planning. The main hardware requirements include cameras, projectors, multimedia monitors, electric drop down screens, audio system with quality microphones and headphones, DVD and VCR players and recorders, auxiliary audio-video sources, wireless remote control panels and podiums.

Before installing the video camera unit, the video software should be installed. For this, a camera is connected to the computer, the program CD is inserted into the CD drive and the install hardware link is clicked. A step-by-step installation procedure is available. As a major part of the software is uploaded to the camera unit when you start application, the camera unit should be turned on before the application begins. If the camera is installed correctly, the status indicator light blinks green. This indicates that the camera is ready to receive software upload. When the video application starts for the first time, it shows an out of box setup, with a series of user setup dialogue boxes, called wizards. Wizards help to install a video easily. Click the help button if necessary during the initial setup. An explanation for setup parameters on the screen will be seen. All the settings on the initial setup screen can be modified easily. Thus, there is no need to worry if something goes wrong during the initial installation.

To install the audio hardware, connect the headset to the microphone of the computer. This helps to receive telephone calls during the conference. The rest of the procedure is the same as in video hardware installation.

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