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Avoid Conference Calls That Waste Everybody's Time

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2007-08-01 10:34:13     
Article by Ajeet Khurana

It is quite easy to have a conference call go awry. All it needs is a lack of adequate planning. Sure, Conference calls are easy to make, involve less physical effort (through traveling), and save time. However, on the flip side, a conference call that is badly managed will surely be a disaster. Just as in a regular meeting, everybody has to be informed, and everybody must come on time. If you thought reaching a meeting late was bad business etiquette, so is being late for a conference call. After all, it is simply a meeting in a different incarnation.

Moreover, the fact that a conference call does not require the physical presence of every participant in a single room is at once a disadvantage. If you thought controlling people within your reach was a handful, just try doing it from a country away. After all, there is no need for the people to pay attention, and they are likely to get bored because the element of personal touch is not as strong.

It is easy to call this one of the major disadvantages of a conference call and leave it at that. But then, what is the point of a meeting that does not get the participants enthused at all? There are several ways in which one can pep up a conference call. For instance, it helps to give clear instructions to participants before the conference begins. Then, it is necessary not to confuse them by making too many people act as host. It would be a better idea to choose a single host and let him do most of the talking.

Of course, there is no point in having a conference call if it is going to be one-sided. A conference necessitates the participation of the various delegates. The purpose of any conference is to seek some kind of a consensus even among different groups of people. So, it is essential to get each of the delegates to pitch in once the basic presentation has been made.

One way to do this is to have a clear-cut agenda and to communicate this to the conference call delegates beforehand. This would give the delegates some time to prepare, collect their thoughts, form opinions, and enrich the conference call. The fact that it is a call, makes it all the more difficult to grab the attention of the participants. If you happen to be hosting a conference call, make sure that you know exactly how you can make the conference richer and livelier.

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