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             19 May, 2022

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A Brief History of Video Over IP

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2007-08-01 10:39:44     
Article by Caitlina Fuller

Video over IP has an interesting history and it is interesting to learn a little bit about what IP video really is. Basically, video over IP simply refers to the way Internet Protocol, also known as IP, is used to send video and audio. This is simply the step that followed video and audio being delivered over WAN or wide area networks.

Over the years telephony technology has been developed and all of these developments have worked to allow video over IP to exist. Basically, a technology was discovered for use with the phone companies and it was called ATM or asynchronous transfer mode. This was used to for transmitting and switching digital voice date. With the information age it was important to have a type of technology that allowed for moving large amounts of data. The ATM system worked well but as computers and the Internet evolved IP took its place. This was a big decision because changing core networks is no easy or cheap job, but it was a worthwhile one. Telephone companies realized they could save a lot of money by moving voice traffic over IP since all of their data was already transported that way. This decision forced the hand of broadcasters to make the same decision and switch to IP for video transmission. However, lots of research was needed on how to transfer video over IP and a lot of analyses was conducted. Soon, both audio and video were sent over IP and the ATM system was put to rest. Today IP is the best method of sending conference over IP video to homes, businesses, or other computes.

It really is interesting that video over IP could have gotten its start from telephone companies and their changing technologies. However, this is exactly what happened. It truly is interesting to see one thing lead to another as far as technology is concerned and to see how different technologies play on one another. ATM was the best way to send video and audio for some time, but things changed and IP came in and took its place. Who knows if things will change again, but looking back at history it is not entirely crazy to think it will since the only thing constant is change! And that is the basic history of how video over IP came to be. It took a lot of building on old and different technology, but video over IP was born.

Caitlina Fuller writes about communication technology. Video over IP has an interesting history and it is interesting to learn a little bit about what IP video really is. Basically, video over IP simply refers to the way Internet Protocol, also known as IP, is used to send video and audio. This is simply the step that followed video and audio being delivered over WAN or wide area networks.

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