How To Make A Cover Letter

       By: Shawn Cooper
Posted: 2011-05-26 01:43:33
A cover letter is generally accompanied by a resume, it is the best opportunity for you to have a lasting impression on your prospective employer. Read on to find out, how to make a cover letter and improve your chances of getting your dream job.Cover letters may be written for job application, internship and salary appraisal. As cover letters are mostly associated with job application, we will talk about cover letters for resume or job application. Cover letters should be simple yet attractive. It should push your chances of getting an opportunity to have a personal interview with the employer. Keep the letter short, but remember to point out the important details which highlight your efficiency over other applicants. Before writing cover letters, it is always good to research about the company and the position for which you are applying. Some important information on the job requirement will help you to mold your letter according to the employers needs. So now let's start on how to make a cover letter for a resume.How to Make a Cover Letter for a ResumeWrite the letter on a good quality paper. You must remember that your cover letter should focus on your background, accomplishments, ambitions and special skills. Since its the cover letter that can land you with a personal interview, you should spend time making a good cover letter first, than preparing for the interview. You can start your cover letter as 'I have listed below:
1. Your Full NameAddress
2. E-Mail ID
3. Phone Number
4. Date
5. Mr/Ms Name of the Employer
6. Name of the Company
7. AddressYou can begin with: Dear Mr/Ms Name of Employer, as it is not formal nor very casual.Introduction:This opening paragraph should make a connection with employer, it should talk about you, the title of the position for which you are applying and the reason why you are applying. The introduction can also contain a line or two about why you are interested, and your qualities which make you different from the rest. Don't brag about your marks and prizes, these should not be mentioned. Give the information in a strictly professional manner. Main Paragraph:This paragraph should convey your qualification and how you are the best for the job. Experiences and your major achievements in the previous organizations should be highlighted in this paragraph itself. You should notify the accomplishments which would bring out the qualities that the employer is looking for. You should talk about your skills and if possible prove it by giving a relevant example. Don't write your life story, keep it relevant, yet simple. Make sure that you are not copying the extracts from your resume, if you do that you are wasting yours and also the employers time.You can split this main and the longest paragraph into two. The second paragraph should include what you can do for the company, avoid mentioning your expectations from the company. Do not mention any salary expectations. You can end the paragraph, by writing the difference you can make to the company, if you are selected for the position you are applying for.Concluding Paragraph:This paragraph should thank the employer for his time and consideration. Apart from thank you, the closing lines should convey that you will be looking forward for an interview, at any day or time the employer feels comfortable. You can also mention that you will follow up or that you will call. You should mention the details of the documents you have enclosed like the resume or experience letters. The concluding paragraph should not be more than 3-4 lines. You can end the letter with 'Sincerely', followed by your name and signature. After writing the cover letter check it twice, it should be flawless. Verify or check it with a senior. Cover letters for resume show your communication and writing skills hence spelling, punctuation and any other grammatical errors will ruin your goal. Make sure the letter is positive and passionate. Even though a company doesn't suggest submitting a cover letter, it is always better to write one. After all, cover letter is an important marketing tool through which you can sell yourself to your prospective employer. Hope the above tips on how to make a cover letter, help you to get your dream job.
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