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             24 January, 2021



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The Most Common Reasons for Business Success and Failure (Popularity: )
This article will give you some ideas and insights about the most common reasons of business failure and how to avoid them. Napoleon Hill has once said that you want to be successful you should study successful people and do what they do or you could alternatively study unsuccessful people and avoid doing what they have done. 1) Bad/good decisions making This is the most common reason why business fail as just ...

How to use Tools and Training to Expand your Chiropractic Practice (Popularity: )
Do you want to expand your chiropractic business, at DC Mentors they will provide you with the tools and training that will help you expand your business. We are dedicated in helping your practice gain new clientele while maintaining current ones. For your chiropractic business to expand takes a lot of skill. There are three major roles and set of skills to expand your business. They are being a Practitioner, operations ...

Why Startups Should Be Our Number One Priority for Job Creation (Popularity: )
On September 27 President Barack Obama signed a small business jobs act worth 17b meant to spur job creation. In the bill you’ll find everything from tax cuts, tax credits, funds allocated to the Small Business Administration for purposes of loan distribution, and of course bank loan guarantees. With the November mid-term elections around the corner there is no surprise that this administration is doing everything it can to ‘look’ ...

Internet Marketing Business - Entrepreneur's Responsibility (Popularity: )
Entrepreneur Mindset Secret ~ YOU Inc. Take Responsibility! Always see yourself as being Self-Employed!As an Entrepreneur you will always accept complete, 100% responsibility for everything you are and everything you will ever be. Entrepreneurs refuse to make excuses or to blame other people for their problems or shortcomings. They have successes that they take kudos for and they have failures that they learn from. To an Entrepreneur a failure is just a ...

The Easiest Small Business to Start (Popularity: )
I have always wanted to start my own business for as long as I can remember. I started off like most people in a career that I thought I'd enjoy doing for the long term. I was excited to be part of the corporate world. It was cool being able to work right downtown. However, after a few years, I realized that it wasn't the ideal job I had hoped ...

Grow Your Memoir Or Writing-Based Business - Do You Have a Showcase Product? (Popularity: )
Many of your clients will expect you, as a new business person, to demonstrate your expertise to them. This is why a show case product is so important. This is why a lecture is a good business development opportunity. The public gets to meet you and assess your knowledge and ability to communicate it. The same is true if you wish to co-author a memoir, make a DVD of someone's life, etc. ...

Entrepreneur Characteristics - 5 Powerful Traits All Successful Entrepreneurs Have (Popularity: )
There are many noticeable characteristics that classify one as a successful entrepreneur but there are 5 that stick out to me the most; these are the characteristics that I have seen that are perceptible in each successful individual I am acquainted with. The First is that they all seem to think outside the box. Take Henry Ford for instance: he recognized all the unused that came from the burning of wood ...

Speaking My Mind (Popularity: )
Speaking My Mind - Chris Rugh Living Well - Speaking - Working Less Whether it be buying a house or choosing a spouse or your career path, it is imperative to think ahead and to make sure that the path you choose is one that you like, and more importantly, one that you want to stay on. As a writer, I oftentimes have to consider not what I want to write about, ...

Why You Should Start a House Washing Business in 2010 (Popularity: )
With the incredible economic hit, which the United States received in late 2008, we saw not only the housing market bubble burst but it sent shock waves around the world. Interestingly enough, it is not as if no one saw this one coming, as anyone who'd been in real estate in 1993 and lived to tell about it knew darn good and well what was about to happen. Indeed, you wouldn't ...

How to Build a Business Network of Like Minded Entrepreneurs to Achieve Financial Independence (Popularity: )
Have you ever wondered how huge corporations and big businesses get started? Well, they all start with an idea, an individual who has a dream, and the building of a cooperative venture that attracts like-minded entrepreneurs who bring their own personal talents and abilities to work toward the same aim. In today's day and age where starting a business takes a lot of money, most people are left out of the ...