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Paper Airplane World Records (Popularity: )
For a long time Paper Aircraft have been very seriously used by large Aerospace Aircraft manufacturers, for scientific and theory testing of aircraft behaviour. In this article brings together the facts most outstanding made with paper planes. World Record, New Time Aloft Takuo Toda set a new récord for longest paper airplane flight at a competition in Hiroshima Prefecture in April of 2009. His record flight topped Blackburn's by 0.3 seconds, ...

Code for Sustainable Homes – An Option to Naturally Restrict your Carbon Consumption (Popularity: )
United Kingdom introduced code for sustainable homes in 2008 with the dream to decrease carbon emission from homes and increase carbon housing in the country. It has been divided into 6 levels based on the amount of carbon emitted in the home including all activities. Your home should fall under any of the six levels like level 1 for 10%, level 2 for 18%, level 3 for 25%, level 4 ...

Easy Science Fair Projects - Good Topics (Popularity: )
What to do and what is the easiest science fair project? Picking a topic for easy science fair projects is a huge deal for a kid, no matter what the age. There are so many different topics and ideas for all grades; you can find a great one for any child, with almost any interest! When thinking about easy science fair projects, take into consideration your child's interests, does he or ...

Effectiveness and impact of the lens coating (Popularity: )
Why does the lens need coatings? Because any object has a reflection role for light, even colorless transparent glass has no exception. The difference lies in whether the angle of light will form a reflection effect. For the ideal state of the lens, the light can be completely through the lens and correctly focused in the film or CCD. However, the fact is that each of their lenses are subject ...

Everything Does Not Happen For a Reason - Biotechnology Creates Changes (Popularity: )
I have a strong faith. And very few things shake it. One thing I do remember shaking it and shaking it hard was waking up the morning of April 16, 2007, and turning on the television only to see a "special news report". There was some kind of shooting (in progress) happening at W. Va. Tech but details were "still sketchy". As always, I tried to think the best, and ...

How Do Solar Panels Work? (Popularity: )
Why Use Solar Panels? Solar energy begins with the sun. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaics, are used to convert light from the sun, which is composed of particles of energy called "photons", into electricity that can be used to power elecrical loads. Light from the sun is a renewable energy resource which provides clean energy, produced by solar panels. Solar panels can be used for a wide variety of applications including ...

How to buy solar chargers? (Popularity: )
Solar Chargers are hot in the market. As current solar charger does not have industry standards, the price and quality is so different from each other. I have found some solar chargers for less than us$5 dollar one piece in the market. So what kind of solar chargers are good? Evaluation of a solar charger mainly depends on three aspects: First one is solar panels: Currently there are two type ...

Know Few Facts of Greenhouse Installation (Popularity: )
To say, Greenhouse installation is not at all a new concept for the users. Since long time this installation process was carried out with great ease resulting in plantation productivity. Of immense benefit to the farmers they were done to protect plants from getting damage and increasing their yield by all means. Installing greenhouse seemed to be an easy task as you just have to locate a proper place, cover ...

Ludicrous Ideas-the craziest ideas from around the world (Popularity: )
Ludicrous Ideas brings together the craziest ideas from around the world. Those ideas which sounded plausible but didn't quite make it. Visit Ludicrousideas.com to find them all in one place.

Methodological Points Of American Studies (Popularity: )
I believe that the key elements of reductionism in studying the North America are our distance from the North America, and investigating or examining it with our society's criteria. Because, the various variables and attitudes that are applied in approaching research topics in Eastern countries, like Iran, are different from the variables and attitudes that are used about the North America. For avoiding from reductionism in production of understanding, we ...