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             02 March, 2021

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Code for Sustainable Homes – An Option to Naturally Restrict your Carbon Consumption

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2010-12-19 06:52:08     
Article by Robin Lawson

United Kingdom introduced code for sustainable homes in 2008 with the dream to decrease carbon emission from homes and increase carbon housing in the country. It has been divided into 6 levels based on the amount of carbon emitted in the home including all activities. Your home should fall under any of the six levels like level 1 for 10%, level 2 for 18%, level 3 for 25%, level 4 for 44%, level 5 for 100% and level 6 for zero carbon for sustainable homes assessment.

Our home for us is the most comfortable place on the earth but have you ever thought why? Because knowingly or unknowingly we use many different things to enjoy all the comforts of the home like we use energy to run various appliances, we use water for cleaning purpose and we also waste too many things during the process and the best part is there is no one to control our use or waste of resources in the home. All these activities result in huge amount of carbon emission. The code of sustainable homes has been devised to make sure each person in UK thinks of reducing carbon emission in the environment.

Sustainable homes assessment deals with checking the carbon emission of homes which have been designed and built from 2008 onwards. It is checked in the initial stages when the builder submits a full plan application, building notice or a notice to know the applicable regulations with reference to the building.

UK does provide that all homes built after 2008 should be built as per the code for sustainable homes still the builder has the choice to build the home as per the guidelines of the sustainable homes code which can be known from an ecologist or build it as any other home and download the zero rating to give to the home buyer. In the first case builder will have to obtain code certificate displaying rankings and in second case simply passing on the certificate as not certified will suffice to finish his part of the job.

But nil rating has its own threats and so most of the builders try to build homes to atleast level three of the code for sustainable homes. Building it to sustainable homes assessment level 3 will require significant changes in the method of construction like you will have to provide for water conservation.

Of course building homes as per the code for sustainable homes will be more costly as compared to the price we otherwise pay. But do not be disappointed as there are efforts in place which can help home owners reduce the cost of complying by the code for sustainable homes. If Stroma accreditation is willing to train in house energy assessors then it is possible to cut the cost on sustainable homes assessment. When this happens it will be possible to pass on the benefits of reduced cost to home owners or buyers.

Everyone seems to be standing in support of the new initiative taken to have better greener planets. The best part is that it is not all that difficult to build homes in accordance with the code for sustainable homes.

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