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             31 October, 2020



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Child-Leash Alternatives - Encouraging Independence in Older Kids While Keeping Them Safe (Popularity: )
Anyone with children who can move around on their own has felt the sinking feeling that your child is lost. Most of the time the feeling only lasts a split second before you realize your child just moved to the other side of the shopping cart, or stopped to examine a toy just before you turned into the next aisle at the store. But every so often (and I personally have ...

Teenagers and Energy Drinks (Popularity: )
Just as popular as coffee or soda, energy drinks are making a huge impact on sales of beverage stimulants. With sales of more than two billion dollars, energy drinks have developed a very loyal following. Many of the energy drinks on the market contain large amounts of caffeine which has been a major concern for parents, since teenagers are a big market segment for the energy drink category. By now most ...

Webkinz Stores - How to Find the Best Accessories (Popularity: )
There are many different features at the Webkinz World. Some of the things you can do are adopt a new friend, play arcade games, and use the Webkinz accessories to spoil your pet. Webkinz stores stock accessories that also have special codes that give you access to prizes, just like most other things that are used in Webkinz World. What better way to make your pet look special than to buy ...

Summer Jobs For Teenagers (Popularity: )
Once school is out, the time comes to find summer jobs for teenagers. All teenagers want access to their own income, even though it may be a small amount. Contrary to popular belief, most teens enjoy working to earn their own money. This is something that should be encouraged, rather than beaten down. For a teenager who is not yet old enough to drive, or work in a public business, there ...

Secrets of Webkins Stuffed Animals (Popularity: )
You've probably seen the cute plush toys from Webkins as they're sweeping the country! They look a lot like the Beanie Babies from several years ago, and now Webkins are the latest and greatest thing. Both have had a huge following of children and adults alike. Believe it or not, stuffed animals from Webkins are one of the hottest things selling in the toy market today. Webkins stuffed animals are different ...

Nurturing Intelligence - The Role of Games, Toys and Puzzles in Development (Popularity: )
I have always treated and considered puzzles from an educational standpoint, for the reason that they constitute a species of mental gymnastics which sharpen the wits and train the mind to reason along straight lines. Puzzles are a school for cleverness and ingenuity. -Sam Lloyd (1841-1911) The above quote by one of the world's greatest puzzle masters, written much before the emergence of the fields of cognitive psychology and neurology, sheds light ...

If I Were a Child I Would Choose to Live on a Swing Set (Popularity: )
Swings are avidly enjoyed by children, as well as the child inside us all. Children especially love the motion of swings, as it allows them to experience the exhilarating feeling of flying. Truly no other piece of playground equipment can capture such a magical experience. Unfortunately, due to some rare and isolated incidents, some communities have deemed swings either unsafe or an inefficient use of space and have expelled them ...

A Unique New Trend - Webkinz Stuffed Animals (Popularity: )
Most of us know that throughout the years there have been countless trends that have come and gone, especially in the area of children's toys. While some stay around for years due to popularity, others fade with time and end up being collectors items. One of the newest and hottest trends at the moment is the Webkinz stuffed animal. Many of us are familiar with the Beanie Baby craze that spread ...

How Can a Teen Make Money (Popularity: )
If you are a teen, it can be quite frustrating when trying to make money, especially around the ages from 15 up to 17. Why? Because it is at this age when your parents are probably begging for you to get a job. "Go fill out an application at McDonald's", "The deli is hiring, go check it out" are some of the tings parents might say when trying to motivate ...

Keep Your Kids Busy With Great Activities This Summer (Popularity: )
We all like summer as it is the best time of the year. We experience beautiful weather; great chances to spend time outdoors along with lot of fun activities such a moving to beaches or having a picnic are all kind of the season. Something else that normally goes with summer holidays and that is the well known dialogue of kids "Mom I'm bored". Generally kids become habituated to having ...