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             31 October, 2020



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Raising Your Child's IQ (Popularity: )
Many parents are surprised to learn that their child's IQ score can actually be increased. After all, we were raised to believe that IQ was stagnant - that is, you are born with the IQ you'll have throughout life. But in the 1990s, brain researchers discovered that the brain is actually capable of changing and regrowing the connections between brain cells. It's these connections, or synapses, not the cells themselves, ...

Art Activities For Kids (Popularity: )
All children are artists, while some develop their skills to great extents others merely get past the first level. Hence it is all up to parents to encourage their children towards art. In India art is given equal importance along with other subjects. In fact it is one of the important subjects in school with elementary tests held to classify students to the next level. But it all begins with the ...

Toddlers and Talking (Popularity: )
Toddlers of the same age group generally develop their talking capacity at different stages. Some have an uncanny capacity to speak like a parrot at an early age, while others of the same age are only able to mutter some illegible sounds. While there are others, in between this age group, who are at various levels of speaking capacity, ranging from a legible few words to short sentences. Toddlers between 2 ...

3 Lucrative Businesses for Teens (Popularity: )
Who says teens only know how to do fun things? Today, you can be the youngest entrepreneur in your community or even in the entire world; and you do not have to quit school, give up parties and friends, or even stop yourself from growing up. Here are 3 lucrative businesses for you: 1. Take a dog for a walk. If you have extreme love for dogs, and you would not mind ...

General Knowledge for Kids Quiz (Popularity: )
Kids in the 21st century are far faster than their counterparts from the 20th century. They are very well aware of their surrounding and alert on the latest happening. Unlike how parents had to force children to know the current affairs, children today are well informed by the media. Not only in fashion also in trends but also in games, politics and careers. Hence when parents induce children to take up ...

Kid's Activities (Popularity: )
Kids represent a small world of fun and entertainment. There are many activities for kids that they enjoy and helps them to grow in all spheres of life. Play and other activities promote healthy child development. Some of the most common children's activities are as follows: Paper Painting Paper painting is something that every child enjoys. Provide your child with paint brushes and unwanted paper pieces. You will be surprised to feel the ...

Ways for Young People to Have a Better Life (Popularity: )
Are you a kid or teenager who wants to avoid being grounded at home and suspended at school? Do you want to waste less money and improve your health? Would you like to become more successful in life? I will cover the steps you should take to reach these goals. Do not play too far from home. You must remain close so you can quickly come home if the sky starts ...

2 Great Preschool Polar Bear Activities (Popularity: )
In the United States, Polar Bears have become synonymous with Coca-Cola advertisements. We watch cute polar bears have parties and fun while drinking Coca-Cola soda in the Arctic. Preschool children need to understand that there is much more to polar bears and that they don't actually drink Coca-Cola! Preschool children will have a blast understanding the habitat, daily life, and true diet of polar bears. This article provides two preschool polar ...

Audio Books Are Beneficial For Kids (Popularity: )
Parents everywhere can attest to the fact that small, enclosed spaces for long periods of time do not always work with children. They get bored watching out the window of your vehicle and want something to occupy the time. What is a great solution and can help keep your sanity while driving? Listen to children audio books available in many genres and for all ages The fabulous aspect of children audio ...

Young Adult Vocabulary & Harry Potter - Reading's Profound Effect on Teens (Popularity: )
In the process of conducting a casual, yet thorough, linguistic sampling of speech in the young adult community I discovered that language acquisition habits of young adults. They lend credence to the idea that reading is an asset to young adults that leaves definable marks on their speech community as a whole. The adoption of new words and the assignation of new, parallel meanings applicable to the reality of the ...