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             25 January, 2022



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Do Indians really need a GPS system? (Popularity: )
In India, GPS systems are being used since the 1990's. The main uses of GPS systems are to foretell the weather conditions, locate the vegetation areas, national borders and other irrigation aspects. It is also used to locate the habitat of the animals. The services that GPS systems offer find no end and experts are finding new ways to make use if this technology in the daily life. Indians too ...

Hide and Locate, Technology to your Aid (Popularity: )
Keeping a track of the family and loved ones has become simpler with SatTracx locator. It is one such application offered by SatGuide which has enabled you to trail your loved ones or freight easily. There is no more need to embarrass your child by calling them again and again. You can give them a mobile phone having SatTracx locator application that can let you stay away from the need ...

GPS Devices Have Made Paper Maps Obsolete (Popularity: )
Few cannot recall road trips with the family where a paper map was sprawled open in the front passenger seat with a frustrated parent trying to navigate the route. Meanwhile the driver was annoyingly piloting the car. Tension and confusion were the only things to come from fumbling with the awkwardly large piece of collapsible paper. Thankfully, said events are now a thing of the past. The age of personal GPS ...

The GPS Theory: How does it really work? (Popularity: )
Incredible invention of GPS had added to convenience of traveling for people all over the world. Many people are smitten by GPS. GPS refers to Global Positioning System and at present has around 27 satellites orbiting our planet. Of all these satellites, 24 are constantly receiving and sending information. The rest three are used as a backup, which can be used in case one of 24 fails. The basic idea ...

GPS Fleet Management System For Better Time Management (Popularity: )
One of the most important tools for any business entrepreneur is time management and control. Suppose you are a business owner and you have hundreds of your trucks moving all over the world. Would not you like to keep a track of all of them? Surely, you would, and you must if you want to run your business for sustained profits. Here comes the role of GPS fleet management system. This ...

People Tracking: Hiding is Impossible (Popularity: )
People tracking are another famous RFID technical solutions. Radio Frequency Identification method has many challenges to identify a unique object or person, a people tracking system consist of number of hardware and software devices. The RFID tracking system is based on the theory of Radio Frequency Transmission. RFID tags are used to send and receive data. Data is transmitted in the form of Radio Frequency, which is needed to be change ...

The Best GPS System - How Do You Figure This Out? (Popularity: )
Finding the best GPS system is like buying the perfect car. It's all relative -- to you! The perfect car for me would have to be able to survive two rowdy kids, a dog, sometimes two cats, and a wife who routinely picks up junk (Oh, excuse me, they're called collectibles) on the side of the road. It would have to be roomy and maintenance free. For someone else, the ...

How GPS Helps Track Your Items (Popularity: )
Using GPS to track items is crucial to actually finding something that has been misplaced or stolen. When we think of a GPS system we immediately think of something that helps us get to where we need to be. That is completely true and GPS maps are great at getting people from point A to point B. However, GPS systems also have a more useful function: tracking stolen items. When ...

GPS Vehicle Tracking, Will it Be Able to Work For My Business? (Popularity: )
We can break down a GPS vehicle tracking system into its two main components. Firstly, within the vehicle is fitted a GPS position detector that can calculate the vehicle's current location from the signals it receives from the array of orbiting GPS satellites. This is connected to a transmitting device that sends the location data wirelessly to the second element of the system, a tracking server. Usually the data is sent ...

Mobile Phones and GPS (Popularity: )
GPS is a global navigation satellite system which determines the exact geographical position of the GPS enabled device by calculating the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver. This technology was originally developed by American Department of Defense, to be used for military purposes only but today it's the most widely used aid to navigation worldwide and is having a profound impact on commerce and civilian life. GPS ...