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             05 December, 2022

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Hide and Locate, Technology to your Aid

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2010-01-28 07:40:11     
Article by Sanjeev Walia

Keeping a track of the family and loved ones has become simpler with SatTracx locator. It is one such application offered by SatGuide which has enabled you to trail your loved ones or freight easily.

There is no more need to embarrass your child by calling them again and again. You can give them a mobile phone having SatTracx locator application that can let you stay away from the need of calling them. Rather you just contact the SatGuide call center and talk to the agents who can tell the location of your children. Tracking the location has been made easier without the need of calling the person persistently.

If your parents are out on vacations and you do not want to hinder into their privacy, the locator application is the best alternative available to know about their whereabouts. With LCU services, you can know their location anytime you want and stay relax about their safety.

If you are having a freight business, it becomes essential for you to have the mobile phones that have locator software. By availing this application you can stay away from the hassles of calling the drivers again and again for knowing whether the goods have been delivered or not. You can give the application enabled phone to your drivers for knowing where they are. Being a business person, ensuring safety of the drivers and goods becomes the first priority. Thus with SatTracx application, you have the locations of the drivers at your fingertips.

Not only for the children, loves ones or business purpose, the locator software can also be used for yourself if you get lost whole going to an unknown location. If you face such situations, you can easily call the call center offering round the clock services and know the location.

The application is available online and can be easily downloaded and that too without paying any charges. Once the application is downloaded on your mobiles, you can easily get the assistance in locating the person who is carrying the application loaded phone. Password is sent to the mobile phone in which the application is downloaded. You are required to share the password with the person whom you want to locate.

The application can downloaded free of cost and you just have to pay for the call charges that are made for calling the call center. There might be times when the person whom you want to locate is driving; this is the time when SatTracx can prove to be helpful.

Not only locating the people is made easier with the SatTracx location software, you can also locate lost mobile phones. You can easily know about the location where the phone is being used by simply calling the call center. All that is required is that the phone is enabled with the SatTracx application.

Beyond doubt to say, the locator application greatly helps in keeping a track of loved ones, assets and field force and thus considered to be a really beneficial resource.

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