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             25 October, 2020


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Mojo, What Exactly is It? (Popularity: )
The American Heritage Dictionary says MOJO can be: 1. A magic charm or spell 2. An amulet, often a small flannel bag containing one or more magic items, worn by adherents of hoodoo or voodoo 3. Personal magnetism; charm I'm partial to #3. Several years ago, I set out to create myself complete with all the charm and magnetism I could muster!! I call my Mojo an intentional attribute...my lifetime achievement. In my mind's ...

Do I Look Fat in This Attitude? - It's Never Too Late to Have a Positive Attitude (Popularity: )
Let me ask you a question. Please try to answer this question with total honesty. If you met yourself on the street today, would you want to talk to yourself? What would you think about yourself? Pretend you were waiting at a doctor's office and YOU walked into the room and sat next to you. How would you feel? What vibe would you be picking up from YOU? Would you feel ...

Decapitate the Hate in 2008 (Popularity: )
There can be no doubt that there is indeed too much hate in the World, it seems to be everywhere we turn. Worse, it is almost as if the mass media continually incites anger, and controversy. Some folks get so worked up that they turn their anger at one another. More and more are disrespected and turn towards revengeful verbal attacks. It's time we all took a break; it's time ...

Success & Positive Thinking - A Champion Turns the "IMPOSSIBLE" Into a "POSSIBILITY" (Popularity: )
Have you ever felt that something was impossible? Have you ever thought that it couldn't be done? Have you ever said to someone that they didn't understand your situation. That it was different and that is why it can't be fixed? Well, my friend, if you have ever felt that way, then let me ask you a question. Are you sure it is impossible? Or...could it be a POSSIBILITY in ...

Make My Day and Make Someone Laugh Today (Popularity: )
Laughter is what miserable people don't understand. Tell me this, do you know someone who is just totally miserable? They seem to have a reasonable life style, have a nice family and hold down a well paid full time job? So why, why, why are they so miserable looking all the time? is there such a thing as a miserable gene? Probably not, but if there is a fat gene ...

Five Secret Weapons For Turning Around a Bad Day at Work (Popularity: )
Secret #1 -- Admit your mistakes. This doesn't mean you walk out into the corridor, stop the first person you see, and start confessing everything you've done wrong since starting with your organization. It means that many times our stress is just a bad conscience. One of the most effective ways to alleviate the burden of guilt and worry that a mistake can bring, is to just own-up to it. Your underlying ...

5 Ways Negative People Can Be Dangerous to Your Life (Popularity: )
Everyone at some point in time will have the misfortune of dealing with negative people. The best way of dealing with such people is to learn to incase yourself in a PSYCHIC SHIELD. Let's face it there are more negative people than there are positive people in this life. The good thing to know is that not everyone who is negative remains this way. Sometimes hard times can make a person ...

Frown Less (Popularity: )
We can't put a price on a smile. Can we? Honestly, probably not. It doesn't cost much to smile, and we know it. Quite frankly, a smile could be the fork to lift many overburden spirits. It could be that transporter of sun rays in a dark and somber place or a trapper of clear and positive attitudes. Perhaps it's just the exhausting effort that some of us have to ...

Feelings Are Your Personal GPS (Popularity: )
A Directional Guide Feelings are your global positioning system (GPS). One of the key functions of feelings is to let us know where our thoughts are coming from. Our thoughts either come from our natural brilliance or from our old thought systems. If we didn't have feelings, we would never know when we were caught up in our thoughts. All of the feelings we generally consider negative feelings are messengers telling ...

Positive Thinking Quotes - Enrich Your Life By Reading Positive Thinking Quotes (Popularity: )
We all like reading positive quotations don't we? Some times when we are down in life, reading positive quotations gives us reassurance that others have walked down this same path that we are on, and they came out on top. Why most of us love to read such quotes is also because we normally hear foolishness being said all around us, and when we hear something that is right, it ...